26 December 2011

Boxing Day Delivery

One of the many great aspects of life in Southern California is that there's never a shortage of hot Hispanic men. They are everywhere. On the whole, they're friendlier than Anglo men and more tactile, even if they are straight. And I know from at least my unscientific personal observations that they're overwhelmingly uncut.

Having grown up first in the UK and then in the American Midwest, I don't believe I ever saw a Hispanic person until I moved to California. Hispanic men were one of the first things I noticed soon after I arrived.

Alas, almost no one here in LotusLand celebrates Boxing Day. Most don't even have a clue what it is. That holds true for most of the US.


  1. Anonymous08:29

    Had I known they're delivering on Boxing Day!!! Dammit!!!

  2. Having grown up in SoCal I have a strong affinity for that "south of the border" flavor.

  3. Now that's a delivery which would be received with great pleasure.

  4. Anonymous15:12



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