30 December 2011


I wouldn't call this lad handsome. He has an interesting face but all the elements don't quite fit together. But who cares about his face? We're born with the faces we have and are pretty much powerless to change them, short of expensive plastic surgery.

He has a very nice body, however. He'd be even hotter if he limited his shaving to his face, but that's easily remedied with a few months of regrowth.

I've only seen him in a few still nudie shoots like these plus one solo video. If he's done any more porn scenes, I haven't been able to find him using the name I know he goes by -- Franco Cortez.


  1. Anonymous07:34

    A little too "manucured", too clean to be exciting. The squared patch of pubes likes so girlish and the violet cock not really apettizing. Sorry !

  2. Anonymous10:44

    Totally agree abt the hair. But I'd still let him bang me.

  3. Dear Manhandler,
    Thanks for the many great posting and boners. Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

    Love, MM

  4. Anonymous12:24

    I agree--rockin' bod, but from the neck up, not so much. But then again, with his lips firmly wrapped around my cock, he would instantly become the most handsome man in the universe. Funny how that works. Cocks can make any face look more beautiful. Cocks are truly an ugly man's best accessory.

    Leo G.

  5. Great body and wonderful thick, uncut purple cock! I'd take him any day.
    Thanks for the terrific blog, Manhandler.
    Happy New Year!

  6. Anonymous15:09

    He is very handsome.

  7. Anonymous02:51

    what a fantastic, sensuous, body!

  8. Anonymous17:46

    I really go for guys like this. He ain't exactly pretty. Pretty/cute guys make me aroused, but slightly homely guys like this make me want to howl under his window when the moon is full.

    Great blog Man, read it every day. Happy 2012. Love all your comments - that's what keeps me coming back - seeing some other guys has got the same thoughts rattling around up there.


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