01 December 2011

With or Without?

So do you think Sam looks better with or without his beard? I say with, but I'm partial to sexy facial hair. Nothing beats the feeling of a man's fuzzy beard against your thighs when he's sucking your cock or against your neck as he pounds your back door.


  1. Anonymous08:43

    Clean-shaven or not; he's always welcome in my bed.

  2. Definitely with the beard! Haha I love mine because when I rim a guy I can smell it on my beard after!

  3. I'm with you...a beard is a huge turn on

  4. Either way is fine. Just don't shave the bush! But I agree--with the beard is better.

  5. Anonymous01:01

    with, of course!!!!

  6. with ... definitely.

  7. Anonymous07:34

    Wow. . those 70s Colt models had it goin on . .. its so easy to date 70s pics due to that hair and mustache kinda thing.. .and usually they have those short short cut off jeans on too .... everything was so much HOTTER back then. . ..what happened????

  8. Anonymous07:35

    Beard? Who's looking at the beard?

    With the beard, he looks like Hercules. Without the beard, he looks like Magnum PI. Who would I rather fuck, Hercules or Magnum? Sorry, boys. I'm going to have to get back to you on that.

    Leo G.

  9. Anonymous08:09

    I also vote for with a beard, especially when it is around my neck.

  10. Anonymous11:12

    With, definitely!

  11. Mark17:58

    With, yes. But what's with all the T shirts and wifebeaters on this guy? From the glimpses provided, it appears that he had an excellent hairy chest. Why hide it?

  12. Anonymous07:36

    Wow, love him with the beard. Hercules definitely.

  13. Anonymous02:29

    OK with Bob : "either way is fine, but don't shave the bush" ! Décidément, les modèles Colt avaient un je ne sais quoi qu'on ne trouve plus chez les modèles d'aujourd'hui. Le monde ne va pas en s'améliorant, mais le porno non plus !


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