30 November 2011

Interracial Love

This is another one of those scenes that probably won't last long on the hosting site so watch it while you can. It's definitely worth viewing.


  1. Anonymous08:57

    The bottom knows how to work his ASS

  2. Anonymous12:56

    What is not to love about this video? Two perfect specimens of manliness, neither with any distracting tatoos or piercings, both giving as good as they take, one as hot as the other, fucking each other for nearly 40 hot minutes. This might just be the perfect video.

    Ebony and Ivory-- fucking together in perfect harmony.

    Leo G.

  3. Anonymous16:46

    FUCK!!!! That should be required viewing every day!!!

    Super hot!!

  4. Anonymous03:55

    I would also like to be in a situation like this. I have no preference, I go both well. If both of them even better!!

  5. Anonymous16:04

    Wow! You will not believe just how fucking hard I am right now. This is gonna be a one stroke cum! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :)

  6. Anonymous17:58

    Who wouldn't be turned on by such a long, THICK, hard dick!

  7. Anonymous09:58

    Exquisite! Glad to see no tattoos. Played like a real sex play session.


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