20 November 2011


This lad is pretty damn hot. I envy the tattoo artist who put that big one on his hip, because I'm guessing he would've been naked when it was done. How tempting it would've been to let him pay for his ink in trade. If you want to watch on a larger screen, click here.


  1. Anonymous13:36

    I'll give you $50.00 for that towel--$10.00 if you just let me sniff it.

    He is damn hot! His abs are the unbelieveable.

    Did he cum? Did I miss it?

    Leo G.

  2. Anonymous01:02

    yeah - that tattoo artist was a very lucky man indeed!!! Hope, he appreciated what he saw. (Wonder if he had a hard-on all the time as he was tattooing away ...???)

  3. Anonymous02:51

    All those tattoes are disguting.


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