23 November 2011

Doing Hard Time

Many men fear being sent to jail and forced to share a cell with a big horny bruiser. Others, however, may see that as an exciting opportunity to make a special new friend. And who knew they had wrestling mats and lipstick in prison?


  1. Anonymous11:57

    generally i like the prison bitch motif...or is it a genre? lol. but this was just too over the top and too unevenly matched. first time i didn't watch a video of urs to the end. you always find the best videos clips...or at least ones that get me going. so, no big deal that i finally came across one i wasn't crazy about. since tomorrow is thanksgiving...let me just say thank you for the many hours of pleasure you provide. i know it's a committment to keep a blog going and fresh and you do it so very well. merci beaucoup monsieur!

  2. Anonymous12:52

    Damn! Who's the top?

  3. Anonymous14:53

    I know that the two guys in this video are consenting adult actors and they both enjoyed what they got paid to do. But I am not a huge fan of bullied sex--simulated or otherwise.

    I also know that I am not the only person who frequents this blog. So to all you other guys out there with different sexual tastes than mine, have fun. Enjoy yourselves. Rub one out for me.

    But as for me, I'll wait for something a little less harsh.

    Leo G.

  4. Anonymous20:54

    what strange language is he speaking?

  5. Anonymous07:28

    As a frequent guest to your site let me echo what rugbysex commented earlier with thanks for all your hard work keeping this blog fresh and sexy... BUT ... that has to be the funniest video you have ever posted. (although I don't think it was intended to be funny!) Between the prison set and then all of the sudden they are on a wrestling mat?? and the lipstick and calling the sub "Daisy" , I just laughed my a$$ off! Sometimes a hot cum shot and other days a hearty laugh... either way THANKS!

  6. Anonymous21:23

    Unbearable after one minute! Who wants to stand all this shouting? Totally UNSEXY!

  7. Russ18:55

    I liked it, I never listen to the sound in porn, I always have music on instead so it was great with pounding hard rock and seeing that little twink get owned. The mat was stupid tho, shoulda done it on a dirty stained matress in the cell.

  8. Anonymous05:30

    the fat guy ought to lay off the helium if he doesn't want to sound like the bastard child of minnie mouse and speedy gonzales.

  9. Anonymous13:11

    the top's voice, like Donald Duck, is totally anti-climax lollllllllllll


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