05 November 2011

Rough & Raw

I know some of you lads will give me a hard time in the comments about featuring this video. I recognize that point of view. I nonetheless could not resist this one because that big bruiser is so hot. These blokes are usually tested before they make these films, so it's not like they did this on a whim and didn't think about what they were doing first.

My favorite part begins at about 19 minutes in when the allegedly straight lad rides on the cock and his sodomizing friend talks to the camera with a shit-eating grin. Be sure to click here if you'd like to watch this video on a larger screen.


  1. Anonymous06:39

    This video had it's hot moments. I especially like about 4 minutes in when the two guys are kissing and frotting. But to be honest I prefer the video you posted on 11/02 where the guys are giggling and not saying "aye, aye, aye" in discomfort.

    Even though Mr. Top's jock strap and tatoos were as unapealing to me as his personality and looks, Mr. Bottom gave me a raging hard on.

    Leo G.

  2. It is really hot, thanks for sharing.

  3. Anonymous17:33

    Hot as hell!!

  4. Peter04:16

    Agree with Leo those tats and his look were a turnoff but the other guy was very hot.


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