11 November 2011

1,000th Post on 11.11.11

Talk about a coincidence -- this is my 1,000th post for this blog and it falls on 11.11.11. I hope that means that homophobe Herman Cain will lose big.

Whoever scanned this vintage porn mag apparently didn't have the whole issue because scans of the first twenty pages were missing in the file folder I found. I believe these are stills from a porn movie, which I think I saw at one time about strippers who break down the fourth wall in a novel way.

That cumshot in the one photo is pretty impressive. He could douse a brushfire with that.

If you'd like to download a free folder with scans from twenty-eight pages of the magazine, be sure to click here (mirrors here)


  1. Anonymous10:13

    Okay, I'm going to identify this film without my usual snark. I hope that's okay. A number of you don't appreciate my humor. It's from 1981's "Performance". The first and second picture is Steve York. He was famous for having a elephant trunk-sized dick. #3-5 is Derrick Stanton. He was famous for being a gusher. In the 5th picture, he's squirting Steve Taylor, Al Parker's boyfriend. This movie also features Nick Rodgers, dressed up like Gene Simmons of the goth rock group KISS, lip-synching to their hit, "I Was Made For Lovin' You" in a dance number.

  2. Anonymous12:54

    Sure would like this site a lot better without the political comments.

  3. Thanks first anon! As to second anon, I usually keep my politics to myself, but Herman Cain is such a pompous homophobic jackass, sometimes I just can't help myself.

  4. Anonymous09:28

    Just think--1,000 posts and over 1000 members--that's a lot of jacking off.

    Leo G.

  5. that is 1000 very HOT posts. thank you so much. It IS a whole lot of cum....

  6. Anonymous09:55

    As a log cabin republican and somebody who knows the facts of Herman Cain, he is the only GOP canidate that has said that he would appoint and openly Gay man to his cabinet, his words "I don't care who they are, if they have the expertise and they are willing to work with me, I want'em,we can argue social issues after they help me fix the mess this country is in.

  7. i loved this movie, especially "gene simmons" getting a bj in the finale.


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