09 November 2011

The Angry Beast

These lads don't fight back very hard when big Ricky comes tearing after them. Then again, maybe that was the whole point of throwing stones -- to lure that beast into fucking them.


  1. Anonymous19:58

    damn who is the top in this vid?

  2. Anonymous05:33

    is there a directory to find such videos from megavideo?? this is hot as fuck!!!

  3. Anon@5:33 -- I find MegaVideo links via sites like GayHeaven.org and Yahoo Groups. Look for MegaUpload links, because those will also always have a MegaVideo link.

  4. Anonymous05:51

    "Did we learn valuable lesson?" Sure did. One unarmed guy can use nothing more than his powers of intimidation to force two strapping young lads to have sex with him against their will. Lesson learned.

    Leo G.

  5. drew09:55

    Thanks for the info and for uploading such great pics and vids!

  6. Anonymous13:35

    Anon@19:58 -- The top is Ricky Sinz, who did a lot of work for Raging Stallion Studio. Try the tour de force "Grunts" 3-DVD set. (And, no, I'm not affiliated with RSS; in fact, while he's a great fucker and I like "Grunts," Ricky doesn't do all that much for me.)


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