31 July 2011

Afternoons With Rafael

Here's another set from the Rafael stash I found recently. They don't appear professionally done, given the shadows and uninspired background. I suspect they may have been taken during one of his escort calls. Just reading about his rentboy work gets me boned up.

30 July 2011

Jacking in the Locker Room

I found this young lad to be quite endearing. He's both wholesome and slutty. Three or four beers and this bloke would probably do pretty much anything you asked.

He strikes me as the sort who gets giggly drunk and then completely loses his inhibitions. Stone-cold sober he'd be shocked if you asked him to give you a blowjob. Get a few Coronas in him and he'd be on his knees with his mouth full.

29 July 2011

Mellow Yellow

I've had this bloke on my hard drive for a while. I can't remember if he's a pornstar or he just looks familar now because I've seen this picture many times surfing through my smut folder. He obviously needs a buddy to pose for and photograph him, since he likes to show it off and is home alone in the loo taking his own photo.

28 July 2011

Kurt's New Suit

Kurt is so excited about trying on his new suit that he just can't help popping a chubb. He's afraid he'll cum all over the fine fabric, so he just has to take it off again to resolve the problem.

27 July 2011

The Real World

I have never watched The Real World on MTV. If you have, you might recognize this lad as one of the housemates or whatever it is they call themselves. The whole issue of his gay porn past was apparently a major part of the storyline.

I am not entirely convinced he's straight and suspect more than just that buttplug has traveled up his Hershey Highway. And his face seems to say "I badly want to suck your cock."

26 July 2011

The Recruit

That ass was made for skin-tight jeans. Unfortunately, Army attire is looser fitting and will not show off his magnificent buttocks. Be sure to click the picture to see full-sized, as it's a lot bigger than appears here.

25 July 2011

Synchronized Studs

Some artistic photos today. These appeared on The Atlantic website in a photo spread on Olympic synchronized swimmers and divers. These are quite large and could be used as screensavers, so be sure to click for the full-sized effect.

24 July 2011

Buttfucking for Bucks

Last week I inadvertently used the wrong link that promised a straight bloke stuffing his cock into another lad's ass. As regular reader Leo noted, the clip had no anal sex.

Here now is the video with the link I had intended to post of Criss stuffing his straight cock in gay ass. I wonder if he rationalizes this as "I pretend I'm buttfucking a chick when I'm doing this, so it's not really gay."

If you'd like to watch on a larger screen version, be sure to click here.

23 July 2011

The Job Interview

I've never had a job interview that even approached something like this. I never knew that wearing tight worn jeans would enhance one's job prospects. The blond lad has no gag reflex, which makes his blowjob skills well worth watching.

Pay no attention to the fact that a woman appears at the very start of this flick. She's gone within seconds. The gay porn of yesteryear was not concerned about women appearing in minor non-sex roles. I think the idea is that it added more of the verisimilitude of the real world to a story.

22 July 2011


This picture asks more questions than it answers. Was he in the middle of fucking and needed a quick rehydration before diving back in? Is that why he's still at half mast? Or did his lover leave in a hurry before he dumped his last load? Or did he get boned up from a rigorous workout and now needs to go out and find somebody to fuck?

21 July 2011

Click Click

It's been a while since I featured some amateur shots, so here some highlights from my recent acquisitions. Some images are larger than they appear on this page, so be sure to click to see the full effect.

20 July 2011

Lean and Ripped

The video quality here is only fair -- I'm guessing it's from some cam site -- but he has a nice lean body. I like amateur videos for all their flaws -- there's something voyeuristic about them you don't get in professionally produced stuff.

19 July 2011


Normally skinny young longhair types do little for me, but there's something about this one I found intriguing. He looks like he'd go a long way before he'd say "no."

LA has no shortage of stoner wastrels and usually I ignore them, but occasionally one will catch my eye. Maybe I feel a need to corrupt Andy and subject him to some stern supervision.

18 July 2011


Holy, precum Batman, somethin's leakin' in my jeans. Now I know a few of you lads won't like those tatts, but with the lights down low and intense mansex going down, who's really gonna notice a little stray ink? He cums courtesy of the great blog Metro Dystopia.

17 July 2011

California Cock

I once owned this magazine in my college days, having bought it at the used book store where I acquired my early smut collection. I was struck at the time, as I still am, by how it's both artistic and pornographic. Unlike many adults models of the era, these lads really look like they were both spontaneous and having a good time.

I also remember being struck at how this magazine suggested straight-seeming college students were out there somwehre who liked fucking men. With time, I would find some of those students, but I think when I bought this, I was still in the dark. It was one of the first, if not the first, explicitly gay porn magazines in my collection.

The publication also confirmed for me that, in moving to California, I had made the right decision. I applied to college in the Golden State without ever actually having been here. My very first visit was the day I arrived to start my freshman year. The magazine was like a brochure from the Southern California Hedonism Bureau, subliminially saying "look at what you can do out here." There was definitely truth in that advertising.

If you'd like to download a free folder with scans of the entire magazine, be sure to click here.

16 July 2011

Ass for Cash

Thanks to Google search, I was able to locate a clip of straight Criss stuffing his straight cock in another bloke's ass. I wonder for these lads who go gay for pay -- do they ever think back on their experiences in future years or is it all water under the bridge for them, soon to be forgotten once the shoot is over? To watch this in a larger screen version, be sure to click here.

15 July 2011

Officer Bulgewell

I hope, whoever he is, that I get pulled over and questioned ruthlessly in whatever jurisdiction he polices.

14 July 2011

Be All That You Can Be

I'm assuming these are all real amateur shots of real men in the military. Thank goodness for lads who love to lark about naked whilst a camera is handy.