16 July 2011

Ass for Cash

Thanks to Google search, I was able to locate a clip of straight Criss stuffing his straight cock in another bloke's ass. I wonder for these lads who go gay for pay -- do they ever think back on their experiences in future years or is it all water under the bridge for them, soon to be forgotten once the shoot is over? To watch this in a larger screen version, be sure to click here.


  1. Anonymous06:31

    Don't get me wrong. Anytime I see naked lads shooting loads, it's a good day. I appreciate the effort. But that video was awkward. Just when it was about to get good, the lads would return to sitting on the couch. They seemed disinterested.

    Did I blink and miss the "ass stuffing" part you mentioned?

    Like I said, it is still a good day.


  2. Leo, you're right. I think I mixed up my links list at some point. I'll try to find the ass-stuffing vid link.

  3. Anonymous09:13

    No problem, brother. Keep up the good work.



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