08 July 2011

A Little Mystery

These photos are interesting. They seem not to be shot by a professional, given one is slightly out of focus and you can see the young photographer reflected in the window. I checked the exif information embedded in the files, but almost all of it has already been removed so nothing additional was revealed.

Was this some class project and he convinced the blue collar bloke to shed his jeans? Or was he submitting his older boyfriend's photos to a porn site in the hopes he'd land some work? Or was he an out-of-work hardhat picking up a few extra bucks by posing naked for a young Wall Street type?


  1. Anonymous06:36

    and that's what makes the pix so hot...our imaginations. i've got to admit, i liked all the possibilities you proffered although the two where the photographer was younger boned me the most. what makes us shed our clothes and pose in front of the camera? looking for sex? money? sure. but i bet there are hundreds of reasons. you know what would be great? ur a writer manhandler. how about a very short story about how some young photographer persuades an older hunk to take it off? mmmmmm!

  2. Anonymous08:10

    All I know is he's not an out-of-work hardhat type - I've seen his face a few times in porn.

  3. I highly doubt the guy was a straight blue collar guy. I work with them and I doubt they shave their balls ;)

    That guy is hot though, send him to work with me :P

  4. Let's face it, the guy could be anyone real or contrived. He does have intrigue, I'll give him that.

    But I tend to wonder about guys who profess to be straight, and are more than willing to pose nude for photos. Photos that show various states of erection, self worship, and submission. But please! Get it straight--they'll usually tell you "I'm not gay."

    We tend to think why not, that it's totally possible. But in reality, how many straight guys do you know who are willing to show you their goods? We think to ourselves, in the right place and at the right time--this guy could be had. And sometimes we're right about that; we've all had our conquests with these types. But are they really straight? Then of course they give you the "I'm bi" approach.


    Think about it. We all have friends who are straight men. Some of them--only some--we can be totally honest with. We have totally honest "guy" conversations with them about sex, women, and what we like. And if we're really lucky--they'll talk about themselves. What they like about their bodies, what's hot about them, how big they are, whether they're cut/uncut--all of that. But will they prove it? Will they show you the biggest, baddest cock that they own? The biggest load that they brag about? HELL NO! "...That's just for the ladies."

    It makes you wonder, what's the big hang up amongst friends, straight or gay? If we're friends, and we can talk about sex and all the stuff we love about it, what's the big hang up with a little visual??? It's like the circle jerk some guys never get over and will never admit to because, well--that's gay.

    So no. I think the guy's not straight. He's hoping to be discovered by some magazine or studio, and hoping to make it big in porn. I want to see the video! :)

  5. berlinboy02:52

    I wonder if in a couple of decades this guy will epitomize the 2011 gay hunk: manly, great body, nice cock and balls, BEARD ..... don´t care about the gay/straight/bi agenda, I can always work around that in my imagination

  6. Hey, you're looking so horny dear :P


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