29 July 2011

Mellow Yellow

I've had this bloke on my hard drive for a while. I can't remember if he's a pornstar or he just looks familar now because I've seen this picture many times surfing through my smut folder. He obviously needs a buddy to pose for and photograph him, since he likes to show it off and is home alone in the loo taking his own photo.


  1. How does a good-looking guy like this end up alone? And judging by the fact he left the bathroom door open, he's gotten used to being alone.


  2. Anonymous10:51

    Forget the photographer -- he needs a maid.

    His waste basket runneth over.

  3. Anonymous22:11

    It's Chizzad from Guysdivine.com (and his boytoy BF is super hot!)

  4. That's Chizzad from guysdivine.com

    He's gorgeous.


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