31 January 2020

The Surrender

Throughout American history, Congress and the presidency have engaged in a never-ending tug-of-war to keep from losing ground to the other. This is the expected outcome of an equal balance of power.

But now, with Donald Trump's impeachment trial, congressional Republicans are willingly ceding their power to the President, and a deeply corrupt one at that.

They're willingly giving away the store while knowingly getting nothing in return.

Jonathan Bernstein at Bloomberg Media published an excellent piece on this point yesterday (link here or here) with the title "What’s Impeachable? Nothing, Republicans Seem to Say" and the deck title "Trump’s party has surrendered to the view that a president can do whatever he wants and needn’t submit to congressional oversight."

Here is the money quote: "It appears more and more that even if the House managers serving as the impeachment prosecutors are eventually allowed to call one or more witnesses, the trial will end after establishing the principles that the president may use the powers of the office any way he or she wishes to without constraint, and that presidents will no longer have any legal obligation to submit to congressional oversight."

To that end, Trump's impeachment trial is expected to wind down late tonight, unless witnesses are allowed. The President will almost certainly claim exoneration the moment a verdict is announced, a conclusion only a fool would believe.

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30 January 2020


Whilst yesterday it appeared Republicans did not have enough votes to block witnesses at Donald Trump's ongoing impeachment trial, that changed yesterday. Now it seems fairly certain they will have enough votes to both block witnesses and also any new evidence.

A speedy acquittal will likely come soon thereafter. The witness and evidence vote is expected on Friday.

If there's a silver lining to this, it's the fact that making a mockery of the impeachment process will likely hurt Republicans and badly so in swing states and blue states where Republicans still hold a seat.

So although Trump may have won this by rigging the trial in his favor through bullying and bribery, such a victory will almost certainly damage the GOP's chances both of keeping the White House and also Senate control in this year's election.

If that happens, they will have won the battle but then lost the war. It will be a victory for truth, justice, and the American constitution. Let's make that happen by volunteering and voting.

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29 January 2020

Keep Up the Pressure

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell conceded yesterday to Republican Senators behind closed doors that he doesn't have the votes to block witnesses at Donald Trump's impeachment trial (details here).

Per the linked article: "McConnnell's statement, in a closed-door meeting of senators, was an acknowledgment of the extent to which revelations from Bolton have scrambled the trial's schedule and the desire for testimony. Bolton writes in a forthcoming book that Trump told him he wanted to withhold military aid from Ukraine until it helped with investigations into Democratic rival Joe Biden. That assertion, if true, would undercut a key defense argument and go to the heart of one major article of impeachment against the president."

This is not cast in tablets of stone, however. McConnell is a slippery snake and could somehow whittle the number of willing Republicans below the necessary threshold.

That's why it's critical to keep up the pressure. Call your Senators again. Call them every day until the vote. Tweet them, email them, send them a fax. Senate contact information for every Senator can be found in my recent post here.

Reach out to them today and every day until the witness vote, which is now expected to be this Friday.

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28 January 2020

The Smoking Manuscript

On Sunday night, the New York Times broke the story (link here) that former National Security Advisor John Bolton revealed in his forthcoming book manuscript that Donald Trump told him "he wanted to continue freezing $391 million in security assistance to Ukraine until officials there helped with investigations into Democrats, including the Bidens."

This revelation has plunged Republicans on Capitol Hill into crisis and chaos and has completely upended the ongoing impeachment trial.

Before the revelation, the chance that the Senate would allow witnesses in the impeachment trial was highly uncertain. The Bolton bombshell, however, has likely tipped the scale in favor of witnesses. One Senator estimated to the media yesterday that as many as ten GOP Senators will vote to hear live witness testimony.

If that happens, that will throw Trump's defense under the bus. And, maybe just maybe, it could take the President down with it.

The vote for witnesses is expected to come on Thursday. Even if you have done so already, call your Senators again. Contact information and further details can be found in my post from last week here.

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27 January 2020


Financial experts and investors alike have long wondered if Donald Trump says and does provocative things in order to move the stock market to his and his associate's advantage. As noted in a piece in yesterday's Salon (link here), advantageous trading has occurred at key moments in the hours before Trump has made newsmaking announcements.

Such suspicions are not being raised by fringe bloggers. The activity has caught the attention of distinguished, award-winning financial journalists like William Cohan, who is interviewed in the linked piece.

If true, this is straight-up criminal activity on a grand scale. Insider trading sentences typically run ten to twenty years in federal prison.

Trump may think that, as President, he can shield himself from prosecution. That might be true whilst he's President, but the statute of limitations on prosecution is six years, which would take it beyond his term of office even if reelected.

Insider trading cases are also investigated in a way that Trump would not be able to block. Essentially, investigators comb backwards through trading orders — much of this is done automatically — to identify suspicious trades that occur immediately before market moving events.

Only after suspicious trades are identified are the individuals in question pursued. So there's no way for investigators to know before they chase down murky trades if they were done by Trump and/or his associates.

People a lot smarter than Trump have been snared by insider trading investigations. This may take time to play out, but when the reckoning comes, it could be severe.

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26 January 2020

The Royalist

This week's New Yorker magazine features a chilling yet fascinating profile (link here) of Donald Trump's attorney general, William Barr.

Ever since his days as a Nixon fanatic, Barr has supported the idea of a President more powerful than the other two branches of government. That effectively would make a President more like a monarch than an elected official.

You'd think that an incompetent corrupt thug in the Oval Office would help him realize how such an idea is dangerous. To the contrary, Barr has repeatedly doubled-down on his theory.

Reading the piece, in many ways you come to realize that Barr, not Trump, is the most dangerous man in America.

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25 January 2020

Take Her Out

ABC News broke the story yesterday (link here) that audio tapes exist featuring Donald Trump and Lev Parnas discussing then ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, a central figure in the Ukraine scandal that's at the heart of the President's ongoing impeachment trial.

It's worth nothing that Trump repeatedly claims he does not know Parnas, notwithstanding scores of photos exist featuring the two of them together.

"Get rid of her!" Trump says after Parnas tells him about the ambassador. "Get her out tomorrow. I don't care. Get her out tomorrow. Take her out. OK? Do it."

Yovanovitch, of course, impeded efforts by Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani to block aid to Ukraine unless that government announced an investigation of Joe Biden's son and also to peddle the lie that Ukraine, not Russia, hacked the DNC and Hillary Clinton's campaign manager in 2016.

Yesterday's release further corroborates Parnas's claims that Trump has vehemently denied. Democrats want to feature Parnas amongst other witnesses during the ongoing impeachment trial, something Republican senators may end up blocking.

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24 January 2020


The Atlantic published a superb, thought-provoking piece yesterday (link here) with the title "An Impeachment Trial Without Witnesses Would Be Unconstitutional." The deck headline beneath that reads "and a resulting acquittal verdict would present Americans with something far worse than a constitutional crisis."

The author, an attorney and former prosecutor, argues that without witnesses, the Senate trial is not a real trial as mandated by the Constitution and thus is unconstitutional.

"In December, Donald Trump became only the third U.S. president to be impeached," he writes. "If Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell succeeds in his intention to prevent any witnesses from testifying, Trump will become the first president to be acquitted by an unconstitutional impeachment process."

As for why, the author is guided by a 1993 Supreme Court concurring opinion that stressed "the impeachment proceeding must be in the nature of a judicial trial, and ... 'a procedure that could not be deemed a trial by reasonable judges' would be unconstitutional."

This is a pretty solid argument, with the slight caveat that it's based on a concurring court opinion but not the primary one. It certainly seems like it could be an issue that might be litigated before the high court should witnesses be barred from the ongoing Senate trial.

The author concludes with this paragraph: "If on the day the Senate returns its verdict, history records the failure to convict the president following a trial without witnesses, that will be the day the rule of law dies in America. The courts will remain open for business. Congress will be in session. Citizens will still be able to vote. And a free press will continue to launch withering attacks on President Trump. But the American people will no longer be living in a constitutional democracy."

I don't know if I agree here with this. America has survived egregious unconstitutional acts by previous Presidents. It will survive this one as well, as long as we make certain this is a travesty that cannot happen again.

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23 January 2020

An Accidental Admission

During some of the rare moments Donald Trump tells the truth, by doing so, he reveals that another one of his major promises was a gigantic lie. That happened again yesterday when he gave an interview to CNBC.

But first, a flashback to 2015. Trump was running for President. He made the following promise whilst being interviewed for a publication affiliated with the conservative Heritage Foundation: "I'm not going to cut Social Security like every other Republican and I'm not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid."

Flash forward five years later to yesterday. Trump admitted in a CNBC interview that he and his administration would soon be looking at ways to cut entitlements, the shorthand way to describe Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid (details here).

Hopefully, whoever ends up being the Democratic nominee to run against Trump will remind older voters over and over again that Trump wants to cut their Social Security and Medicare.

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The new equipment won't arrive for several days, however. If there's a spectacular failure on this end, I wanted to let you know in advance in case I go dark. I have porn videos queued up in advance in the event I can't get online, so if you suddenly see a lot of those and no political entry, you now know what's happening.

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