30 November 2010


You lads are always so excellent in identifying unknown models. If anyone knows his name or where to find more images of him, please shout it out in the comments.

29 November 2010

New Clothes Rack

I usually don't like to shop during the after-Thanksgiving madness, but I'm glad I went to Home Depot over the weekend because they have these fantastic new clothes racks. I wonder if they're from the same source as the great towel rack I found before?

28 November 2010


The word "shameless" is often used in a pejorative manner, e.g. "he was a shameless opportunist." But it can have a less judgmental albeit less common use to mean someone who is bold and not hindered by petty morals.

The bloke below is hot and horny and ready for action so he's shamelessly showing his goods. This is one of my favorite amateur sets because you can really read the unbridled lust in his face. He needs satisfaction and he needs it now.

See, shameless can be a good thing, too. Was this a teaching moment?

27 November 2010

Big Zak

Like a fine wine, Zak Spears keeps getting better with age.

26 November 2010

That '70s Suck

A selection of vintage cocksuckers from 1970s stroke magazines. The tattoos suggest some of these lads did hard time. Were they straight before they went to prison?

25 November 2010

Big Booty

Some hot beef for those who prefer red meat for their Thanksgiving.

24 November 2010

This Is for You, Coach

What gay man didn't have a major crush on a hot coach or gym teacher whilst in high school? For many, that perhaps was the first hint you weren't straight after all.

23 November 2010

Gangbang at the Jiffy Lube

Don't you hate having to wait for your car to be serviced? The furniture smells and is oil-smudged. The torn, stained magazines are at least four years old and targeted at straight males who spend most of their disposable income on pimping their ride. The cheap radio is too loud, spits static, and is tuned to some reactionary talkshow.

Now only if there was some kind of other diversion. I wouldn't mind having to share him with a few hunky mechanics.

22 November 2010

Come Over and Watch the Game

Dan was obsessed with his hot new neighbor Chip. He couldn't figure out if the bloke was straight or gay. The more restless he became thinking about him, the more he obsessed about seducing the Adonis in Apartment 3J.

He finally got up the nerve and invited Chip over for a few beers and to watch the game. During halftime with his neighbor sprawled on the couch, Dan went to the bathroom, took a few deep breaths for courage, and then walked out in the hall again in full view of Chip sprawled on the couch.

Dan struck a few poses and then stripped down to his underwear. A frozen Chip had no reaction other than to stare -- was he turned on or freaked out? Dan couldn't stop now. He slipped off his briefs and stood stark naked before the other man, whose face still registered no expression.

Dan felt both terrified and exhilarated. He had never done anything so risky. The excitement of standing naked before his Adonis-like neighbor was making him dizzy. And also making his cock hard. Would Chip stand up in a few seconds to storm out the door, never to speak to him again? Or punch him in the nose?

Chip shivered ever so slightly and seemed to come to life again. His large hand moved slowly down to the crotch of his shorts and he began massaging his junk. And then Chip cleared his voice and said in a soft throaty growl, "Damn boy, get that over here so I can start to work on it."

21 November 2010

And Now for Something Completely Different

I don't know what this is supposed to be. I originally found it on Usenet. Is this part of a porn shoot? Art photography? The bloke is simultaneously hot and creepy. Does anyone recognize him?

20 November 2010

In My Laundry Room

One of the reason I like this hot video is that it looks like it was shot in my laundry room. My washer and dryer are positioned next to the hot water heater in exactly the same configuration. I keep checking to see if Colton and Alex are in there keeping busy during the spin cycle, but I never find them. I guess this explains the big wadd of dried cum I found on my bottle of Tide, however.

19 November 2010

Feed My Hunger

I love this picture. You can't actually see what he's doing, but your mind knows exactly what's going down. You can tell by the force he's using in grabbing his mate's ass and how his cheeks are hollowed that he's really giving him a good one. I don't know if it's part of a set, but all by itself, it's fantastic.

18 November 2010

Hairy Buns

My bum was one of the first places I grew hair when I started on my journey through puberty. In the locker room one day after track practice, some lad started teasing me about my fuzzy butt. I was hugely embarrassed and humiliated until a big strapping senior told him to knock it off and leave me alone.

Needless to say, I had a crush on my rescuer until he graduated, although I suspect he barely knew I existed. He sometimes would nod at me when passing in the hallway but that was about it. When I grew a little older and wiser, I often wondered if the senior was secretly attracted to a furry male ass and didn't like to see one belittled. Alas I'll never know because I only remember his first name.

When I gained weight during my thirties, most of the hair disappeared on my ass as it did on much of my torso. Once I started working out religiously and lost all the weight, the hair returned. I think my bum is now hairier than it's ever been. I know some blokes are turned off by fuzzy buns, but I'm not one of them. My boyfriend has told me many times that my hirsute buns were one of the first things he admired about me, so I have no complaints.

17 November 2010

Desert Heat

A jockstrap is such a practical alternative to shorts on a hike. I recognize big Zeb Atlas, the one in the jock, but don't know the other bloke's name. Anyone know?

Zeb says he's straight and has done porn with his girlfriend, but he's also done some gay for pay shoots. I always ponder unanswerable questions, so I wonder how much he gets paid to go gay? I saw a bisexual clip of him recently where he fucks some woman and also gets a blowjob from a bloke. The production values weren't that good and it was shot in a hotel room, so I have to wonder how much Zeb actually got for that.

16 November 2010

Bound in Public

I recognize that this photo set will not be to everyone's taste. If you like your porn a bit on the kinky side, however, you might enjoy this. I believe as long as something is consensual role play, then no harm done. I wouldn't mind being either one of the perpetrators or the victim here.

15 November 2010


When I was on a flight about six months ago, I heard two straight blokes in the row behind me speaking quietly about their home life. One said his wife got angry whenever she spotted him walking around their bedroom either naked with an erection or with a hard-on visible under his boxer shorts. The other bloke sympathized and said his ex-wife was much the same way. Apparently the women in question were outraged men seem to think about sex constantly.

I had a little epiphany at that moment -- how much different and better it is to be a gay man. You walk around the house with some tenting, and if you live with your lover, almost invariably he'll be delighted. He'll drop whatever he's doing to help you out. A boner is an invitation, not a provocation. Mars, meet Mars -- he's so much easier to please than that Venus you've been hanging around with.