01 November 2010

Cum Does a Body Good

Do you remember the first time you tasted cum? Perhaps you're like me and ate your own swimmers first.

I recall the moment pretty vividly. I was a young lad masturbating in my bedroom and had just produced a commodious load which sat steaming in my hand. In those days, I cupped my palm over the head of my cock when I jacked off so I didn't shoot it all over the bedding.

So there I sat with this gloopy mess in my hand. I hadn't planned ahead before I started wanking, so I had no rag handy to wipe it away. A random thought skittered across my consciousness. I wonder what this tastes like. Given I had always liked the scent of cum, it couldn't taste that bad, could it?

So I tried it. I was hooked instantly. I ate my whole load. I never used a rag again. That became part of the excitement for me, the taste of my own seed.

One of the first males with whom I was intimate ate my cum. I realized I wasn't the only sperm fiend. I learned with time that different men taste differently. Certain men had particularly pungent cum, a wonderful, special ambrosia. Sometimes a man who hadn't ejaculated in a while had a particularly strong taste.

I imagine that's part of the rites of passage for the gay man. Whereas a straight bloke usually is repulsed by the idea of gobbling his own goo, many gay lads love it.

On occasion, however, I hear stories about straight men who eat their own splooj. A female friend once told me her husband loved to lick his own cum off her tits. The fact that he's an incredibly hot looking and very masculine lad made the story all the more intriguing for me. In straight porn, on the rarest occasion, you will see a man enjoying his own juice.

Unfortunately, however, most straight men don't know what they're missing. Ah, the joys of being gay.

Do you eat your swimmers and, if so, what do they taste like?


  1. Anonymous06:04

    I am with you on this one for sure. I like to partake and yes, there are several differences in taste.

    - Pax

  2. Anonymous06:18

    I too enjoy the taste of my seed. It is still a ritual for me just as it for you. I agree on the different taste for different people. My cum tastes sour but in a way i like -9

  3. Anonymous07:15

    Well I've always loved the smell of cum and enjoy my own on occassion. More often i enjoy the intimacy of eating my partners cum, and knowing that we're literally feeding on each other. Still my hunger for my own cum seems to mysteriously disappear after i shoot -- unless i'm with my man and we share it.

  4. I agree with Anonymous: "...my hunger for my own cum seems to mysteriously disappear after I shoot." Also, I usually use moisturizer as a lube, so the combo of cum and moisturizer isn't appealing. Regarding taste, the one type of cum I can't abide is that produced by a smoker--I think all the nasty chemicals in cigarette smoke concentrate in the prostate and are expelled in cum!

  5. The first picture makes me want to suck the cum of of his gorgeous face before i go down on him and suck HIS cum

  6. RedCedar19:23

    Not fond of eating my own. I've done it before, but I'm 50, have been masturbating since I was 14, and have probably eaten my own come less than five times.

    The flavor's a bit too musky for me somehow (despite a secondary, yet clear sweetness). The combination of how it feels (warm egg whites, but thicker and more slippery) and how it tastes just isn't very appealing to me.

    (Oh, I'm also not a fan of raw egg whites, or the flavor of raw albumin, and I taste that very strongly in my cum.)

  7. Anonymous20:21

    Wow!! Your story and the accompanying pics are soooooooo HOT!! At my age (40, been out since age 21), I have never tasted another guy's spunk. I've always seen the other guy cum on me or on himself. Still, I have had guys swallow my load, and I think it's VERY sexy!

    Fortunately, too, I taste good! And I believe this comes from the fact that I lead a healthy lifestyle, don't eat junk foods, but do enjoy my fruits which does contribute to semen taste. :-) Whenever I'm feeling really randy, but don't have a mate alongside me, I will taste my own self on occasion. Still, I look forward to the day when I'm with a great guy and I can trust eating him off as he jacks-off his load on my face or in my mouth, so I can wipe his throbbing cock clean with my mouth!

    Damn, I love cock-sucking!

  8. Anonymous22:20

    I've partaken of my own cum on a regular basis since I was 14 or 15. (Like you I didn't want to soil the sheets.) Fifty year later I still like it!

    Thanks for writing on the subject, it's gay and a part of the fabric of our lives.

  9. Anonymous06:01

    I sometimes eat my own - but much prefer to savor anothers.

  10. Anonymous08:01

    Will, I started with my man cum in my mouth, however, we always ran to the sink to split it all out. After he left away, I have started to taste mine, loved it, and look at the mirror it made me like others in many photo.

  11. Anonymous11:34

    Hey Will, yeah i like to taste my own and enjoy it from time to time, if i'm wanking then i really feel like doing it, but sometimes after i cum then i don't feel like it, but if i'm really horny, then yes i do enjoy it.


  12. Anonymous15:47

    The taste of one's cum depends on his diet. If you eat pineapple and drink pineapple juice and don't eat acidity type foods, the cum is sweet.
    Otherwise, it is bitter.

    I've tasted my cum, and it was sweet, but I still am resistant. Recently (over the past three years), I've tasted the cum of three men. Two were deliciously warm and sweet; one was bitter which almost had me throwing it back up. Fortunately it didn't happen; the man whose seed I just let flow in my throat and into my stomach was a hot redheaded top s/m/bd man!

  13. Anonymous19:00

    i love precum especially; i think it tastes even better than regular cum (my own i'm talking about) are there any major risks in eating cum?

  14. Anonymous13:42

    I have swallowd my own cum on many occasions but alwasy find it a bit salty compared to other guys. I always figure if I am going to all the work of giving a hot stud a blow job I should get the delicious reward of some warm man juice.

  15. Daaave23:37

    I tasted my cum like most guys. I didn't like it. Then I ejaculated into my own mouth. I didn't like that either. I just wanted to see what it was like to have a load of cum in my mouth.

  16. Anonymous15:56

    God I love to eat cum.


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