15 November 2010


When I was on a flight about six months ago, I heard two straight blokes in the row behind me speaking quietly about their home life. One said his wife got angry whenever she spotted him walking around their bedroom either naked with an erection or with a hard-on visible under his boxer shorts. The other bloke sympathized and said his ex-wife was much the same way. Apparently the women in question were outraged men seem to think about sex constantly.

I had a little epiphany at that moment -- how much different and better it is to be a gay man. You walk around the house with some tenting, and if you live with your lover, almost invariably he'll be delighted. He'll drop whatever he's doing to help you out. A boner is an invitation, not a provocation. Mars, meet Mars -- he's so much easier to please than that Venus you've been hanging around with.


  1. Anonymous06:03

    Fuck! It's Miller time boys! Bring it on and on and on. Oh yes an invitation to take care of business!

    What a fantastic sight...

    Thanx Will

    - Pax

  2. Those women are prudes! I love to see my man tenting! It makes me drool! It makes my horny!

    Please don't judge all women based on a couple of prudish ones!


  3. Anonymous06:45

    When a man tents, it's an invitation to see what's inside.

  4. Anonymous08:37

    Oh man, you are so right on the money on this, yup two "Mars" know how to bring the other one down to Earth.......

  5. Anonymous10:46

    This is really a cultural issue. There is this persistant stereotype about "horny men wanting sex all the time" and women who are supposedly on the shy, modest side and will acquiesce as some sort of a special favor. Even if this may not always (or even mostly) be the case, the stereotype is here and it can be used at any time to the advantage of some.

    So why does a dog lick his balls? Because, he can!


  6. Anonymous11:10

    I don't get women at all. Hey ladies, take a compliment! Your husband is horny for you and he's inviting you to share in the experience. So get in the mood, hunker down, and thank God you have a man who can still get it up. Amen.


  7. I would love to help those Men out.


  8. OMG! No wonder there is so much hang up with sex! Some men cannot help with boners! Tell them to dump the bitch and make a switch!
    With talk like this, we wonder why men have trouble getting erect as years go by! It's all in the mind, for sure!

  9. Anonymous21:45

    A woman here (forgive me).
    I wonder about those men for marrying fools like that. In my opinion, all four are freaks. Heck, I suck my husband off every chance I get (morning, and night if he is up for it -so to speak). Sometimes we sneak up into a vacant part of his office tower for a hard and fast one during lunch (we work 3 blocks from each other). It would be heaven on earth for me if my man walked around with a tent all the time.
    My gal friends are similar.
    He's out of town taking care of a sick mom and he sends me a photo of his hard on every morning. I'm very jealous of his hand right now...
    On the diff between men and women, my first husband was a prude and *wouldn't* let me suck him off. Married the second 'cause he would.

    Oh,yeah....We're both in our 50s. Sex just keeps getting better.

  10. Anonymous22:33

    You're right - and so are they. Women may think their "hubbies" are totally preoccupied with sex. That may be a problem for them. We gays KNOW we are preoccupied with sex - and, as you say, we reward each other for that.

  11. Anonymous11:24

    I, too, would love to help out ALL of these men! Line up, guys, I'll solve your dilemma in a good way!

  12. Men always have two things on there mind sex and food. If you see I man without a hard on hand him a sandwich!

    P.S. a man with a tenting is so damn hot!


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