14 November 2010

Downy Soft

Here's a pictorial celebration of men who have the good sense not to shave off their fantastic layer of manfuzz. Women are smooth and hairless; men are not. So why should a man, particularly a gay man, want to be all smooth and hairless like a woman? I prefer my men 100 percent natural.


  1. Anonymous09:38

    First off, Women are not 'smooth and hairless' - they merely (mostly) appear that way; which has become the accustomed norm - which varies from place to place. But men being 100% natural is another matter entirely. Defining 'natural' as opposed to 'hairy' is one thing, but 'natural' in a male model? Few genuine specimens exist I'm afraid.
    - Montana Cowboy

  2. Anonymous14:04

    Can't understand it myself this attitude where men are turning into women nowadays ie. shaving body hair off, what is that all about anyway? i can understand it if it's for a photo shoot where it's requested and you're gonna make a lot of money otherwise .....!

    Another thing; if you're hairy you're gonna go through a hell of a lot of razors.


  3. Anonymous02:03

    agree with you to a certain point....the models you´ve shown as "hairy" examples are all sexy.....but all seem to have trimmed their body hair to a sexy degree, however....which I like and do myself....still some guys out there are sexy as hell all just as they are and some improve immensely with a razor and some foam....I think its just like underwear....give me a sexy man, he can wear whatever he likes underneath, he´ll always be sexy....a not so sexy guy in sexy underwear...well, probably even less sexy

  4. Anonymous05:59

    I go both ways with this one though my preference is with the hair intact. It is such a masculine thing to me and masculine is why I am here and what I am about.

    - Pax

  5. i don't care about the arguments above. all i have to say is this: BEN. FUCKING. COHEN. thank you, that is all.

  6. Anonymous23:06

    If you have your preferences, that's fine. But don't preach about what men or women should or shouldn't be. That's the shit homophobia is made of.

  7. Anon @ 23:06 -- In all candor, your comment is absurd. I wasn't preaching. I was expressing an opinion. By the same token, one could say you're preaching at me, and that your comment would therefore be hypocritical.


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