05 November 2010

Pale Booty

I know many lads these days tan their bums at tanning salons. I prefer, however, when their backsides are paler than the rest of them and a visible tan line can be seen.

I know I'm probably in the minority with this opinion, but for me it emphasizes their nakedness. There's something inherently erotic about it for me. I suspect this dates back to my teen years, when naked male backsides always had visible tan lines. For me, a man isn't truly naked until you can see that pale swath.


  1. Anonymous06:12

    ....白白的八月十五....so hot and cute =P

  2. Anonymous08:58

    I agree, love guys with tan lines!

  3. I heartily agree!!

  4. Anonymous11:03

    i follow in your steps, love tan lines

  5. Ooohh beautiful ass!!!! jejejejeje

    you want exchange the links?


    One kissss

  6. Anonymous13:32

    Untanned booty is truly a treasure.

  7. i'm with you, will!

  8. Anonymous16:24

    If you like pale, I'm the guy for you. My whole body is whiter than Casper.


  9. Anonymous20:11

    give me a white ass anyday.....love to see where I am plowing in the dark.............

  10. Anonymous00:44

    I agree too. Don't know what it is about a tan body and a pale booty but YUUUUMMY

  11. Anonymous01:16

    I doubt you are in the minority.....a hot untanned ass on an otherwise tanned guy is so much sexier....and especially in summer when the speedos slip and youcan glimpse the white.....uhhh, cant´t wait for the next summer to come again

  12. Very nice landscape there.


  13. I agree 100%! Tan lines are so sexy! Why? Because it focuses your eyes right at the prime and ultimate objective!

  14. Anonymous05:20

    perfectly expressed Will! nothing...absolutely nothing is as big a turn-on to me than a gloriously tanned athletic man's naked bubble butt bearing the exquisite pale "kiss" produced by wearing a speedo. even michaelangelo's flawless David would be hotter with a speedo tan line. do NOT confuse this "kiss" with the two-toned white scar that comes from wearing "boardies!" LOL.

  15. Anonymous05:48

    I totally agree, it's always something of a major turn on, when the dude finally takes his shorts off and you see his lillie white ass, compared to the rest of all...then you know the fun begins..

  16. Angus08:20

    A white ass on a tanned body is like a beacon...beep...beep...beep...fuck me...

  17. Anonymous21:49

    These guys look yummy and for the wanting/taking! A 4Way awaits me!

  18. Anonymous11:33

    Damn, my tongue and teeth and hands could derive much, much pleasure for these three, hot but pale asses!

  19. I was beginning to think I was in the minority, given the current fashion in gay porn for full-body tanning. Might as well keep their clothes on for all I'm concerned. Without those tan lines a man just does not seem naked. It really is an obsession with me. Used to be the norm for erotic male nudes.

    I find half-undressed men sexier too. And shadows. With digital flash photography so much nuance is lost. Everything looks flat and prosaic, like meat in a supermarket.

    I also like slightly sunburned skin, and tan lines on arms. Red-headed and blond men. Blond eyebrows on tanned faces. Sigh....

    Anyone know of a site that caters to such a taste?

  20. Anonymous15:37

    ABSOLUTELY! I'm a black guy and I remember the first time I saw a white man naked. He was this tanned, blond guy. I had no idea how pure and white he truly was until he pulled his trunks off. His ass looked to clean to me... totally pure white... vulnerable. Bronzed tan and muscular body... then this soft, delicate, lily white skin on his ass. I like for the place I put my dark meat to be the whites spot on a guy's body. If I'm going to eat a guy's ass, or fuck him, his ass must be pale. It's just better


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