07 November 2010

Up Against the Wall

I have actually tried this position whilst in the bottom role. This looks great in porn and it was fun to try, but I have to say I prefer a less acrobatic fuck. The reason wall sex left me feeling lacking, I think, is because you're not focusing as much on the sex itself but more on the gimmick. I prefer a bed or a couch or even the floor in a pinch.


  1. Anonymous06:05

    Not into acrobatics myself - too distracting but a good old hard fuck up against the wall is great now and then!

    - Pax

  2. It works if the bottom is small enough. I have done it with success, but I am a petite woman who only weighs 100 pounds and the men I have done it with are far larger than me. Plus, I have a gymnastic background so I can hang on very well and even post! I found it to be quite a thrill for both me and my partner. It is reluctantly many years since I have done this... Sigh.


  3. this is so FUCKING HOT

  4. Anonymous08:37

    In your case, perhaps it was 'dry-wall'? :) Seriously though, up against a fence or a wall is great for fucking. I've never actually tried to HOLD UP a guy though, but on the giving end of it, it's terrific. Over a saw-horse too, lets not forget that one! - Montana Cowboy

  5. THAT'S HOT!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous16:38

    It's interesting look at but hard to do well. Not that I've ever tried it, unfortunately....

  7. But look at that TOP. He has a GREAT body and those balls of his. He would work for me.


  8. Anonymous21:47

    This indeed looks hot, and both men seemingly are enjoying themselves!

  9. Anonymous01:59

    ....I can only hold it for 5-10 mins, depending on how fit I am at that moment. Of coz, the person has to be light enough. No doubt, I do feel like a pron star =P

  10. Anonymous17:13

    To all you bottoms out there--make sure the wall isn't stucco before your top pushes you up against it.



  11. the video this comes from is hot as hell, though. but i get your point. who needs a distraction?

  12. Anonymous12:31

    be prepared! if you happen to drop the guy it sorta puts a dent in the evening. oops!


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