22 November 2010

Come Over and Watch the Game

Dan was obsessed with his hot new neighbor Chip. He couldn't figure out if the bloke was straight or gay. The more restless he became thinking about him, the more he obsessed about seducing the Adonis in Apartment 3J.

He finally got up the nerve and invited Chip over for a few beers and to watch the game. During halftime with his neighbor sprawled on the couch, Dan went to the bathroom, took a few deep breaths for courage, and then walked out in the hall again in full view of Chip sprawled on the couch.

Dan struck a few poses and then stripped down to his underwear. A frozen Chip had no reaction other than to stare -- was he turned on or freaked out? Dan couldn't stop now. He slipped off his briefs and stood stark naked before the other man, whose face still registered no expression.

Dan felt both terrified and exhilarated. He had never done anything so risky. The excitement of standing naked before his Adonis-like neighbor was making him dizzy. And also making his cock hard. Would Chip stand up in a few seconds to storm out the door, never to speak to him again? Or punch him in the nose?

Chip shivered ever so slightly and seemed to come to life again. His large hand moved slowly down to the crotch of his shorts and he began massaging his junk. And then Chip cleared his voice and said in a soft throaty growl, "Damn boy, get that over here so I can start to work on it."


  1. Anonymous06:04

    Will! I love the way you write! Damn man, this is why I pressed you on the next chapter of School for Spies.

    Okay I have a cock to attend to now - thanx for the short story above you dog you...

    - John

  2. Anonymous06:13

    …luv it; it’s very witty. More dramas next time, please. Maybe Chip suggests, “Can I call my girl friend or buy friend to come and join in?”…..

  3. John, I have not forgotten School for Spies.

  4. hot little story, thanks for sharing

  5. Anonymous05:10

    Will -

    I am a very, very patient man. Looking forward to it!

    - John

  6. Anonymous05:29

    Delicious pics, too



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