17 November 2010

Desert Heat

A jockstrap is such a practical alternative to shorts on a hike. I recognize big Zeb Atlas, the one in the jock, but don't know the other bloke's name. Anyone know?

Zeb says he's straight and has done porn with his girlfriend, but he's also done some gay for pay shoots. I always ponder unanswerable questions, so I wonder how much he gets paid to go gay? I saw a bisexual clip of him recently where he fucks some woman and also gets a blowjob from a bloke. The production values weren't that good and it was shot in a hotel room, so I have to wonder how much Zeb actually got for that.


  1. raul06:37

    it's not that much.most of the producers are not paying more than 3000 US dollars for that.
    besides, if you look well, you can "rent " him in rent a boy. there is an agency in LA which specializes in making contacts with porn stars,straigh or gay. Julian Rios (another God) and Mr Marcus can be contacted through this agency as well.

  2. Anonymous07:49

    For it it;s worth, I got a great laugh out of "A jockstrap is such a practical alternative to shorts on a hike."

    Thank you.

  3. Anonymous08:32

    Kid of a self serving boring video!

  4. Anonymous11:05

    Giovanni Volta is the other one.

    Zeb also did some gay fucking...

  5. Anonymous12:33

    A little boring even for a muscle worship video. Zeb Atlas would have to be one of the biggest LOVEMEDOO'S - He thinks he is Gods gift and unfortunately for him he really isn't - poor sod - at least he loves himself enough to keep him going.

  6. Anonymous15:04

    I agree that this is borderline boring. It's amazing to me that some of these super-masculine muscle studs can be anything but smokin' hot, especially when they're naked and hard. But Zeb isn't smokin' hot here, and truthfully, he isn't all that sexually exciting in any of the gay scenes I've seen. Even his Manifest Men solo scene is somewhat boring, and it would seem that such a physically beautiful man would be at his most erotic when jacking his own cock and showing it off.

  7. Anonymous15:53

    These guys are masters at posing (in more ways than one).


  8. Zeb Atlas actually fucked Adam Killian in Falcon's "Best Men". He was supposed to fuck Matthew Rush but that turned into a whole heap of drama. It's a decent scene though.

  9. thanks for sharing it with us.


  10. chip06:34

    hey raul you have a url for that escort agency???

  11. I've had the pleasure of spending time with Giovanni Volta and he is sweet, sexy, and stunning in person. Much more passionate than in this video. I think video producers want him to fulfill a specific stereotype because he is so intimidating, physically. It is a shame because he has a megawatt smile!

  12. raul03:18

    @chip: unfortunally not. but if you look in rentboy LA you will find it. something like "meet the stars".
    good luck

  13. Anonymous22:34

    Zeb atlas is a bore. Giovanni is amazing in person. Sweet, amazing smile and he fucked my brains out in SF a few weeks ago. If he ever comes to your town you shod give him a call.

  14. Anonymous20:04

    Rhetorical No, this isn't a Looney Tunes cartoon starring Bugs Bunny as the intrepid reporter and Elmer Fudd as the beleaguered police commander. The problem is that the internet never closes. Perfect for customers already experienced with the fleshlight that are interested in.

  15. Anonymous18:15



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