31 May 2009


I'm a bit naughty because I find consensual, non-violent bondage like this very exciting. Having a man bind you and then gently torment you with his tender strength is enormously erotic. Finding a man who will also let you bind him is wonderful. There must be considerable mutual trust before you reach this point in a friendship.

In the darkest warrens of my fantasies, I must admit I have entertained the idea of abducting a gorgeous man like the model depicted here, keeping him in bondage, and then bringing him around to desire me helplessly through hypnosis and mind control. He starts out as my slave and then ends up entirely as my willing lover. The hypnosis does not subjugate him; it awakens his darkest desires.

The model here is Mark Lamorie. He makes his living as a personal trainer in Boston and apparently has only appeared in a few solo photo shoots. He seems to be rather kinky, based on a few things I learned about him online, and his sweet, innocent face makes his wildness all the more erotic. He looks too good to be bad, and I like that very much.

30 May 2009

Dutch Treat

This god is a model and all-natural bodybuilder from The Netherlands. He's a strapping 6'2" and weighs 210 pounds. Dutch men have fantastic accents, and often they're wildly uninibited. I wonder if this beautiful god is, too. Something in his look suggests he is.

Hij is zeer knap. Ik wil hem kussen!

29 May 2009

Magnificent Jarhead

The eclectic and always interesting The View on Superior featured this stunning amateur shot earlier this week. I'll cut to the chase -- this guy really does it for me.

I could write a novel about how I met him, the straight AWOL jarhead I picked up hitchhiking. I allowed him to stay in my house. I pampered him whilst neglecting my work just to cater to his whims. He swam in my pool all day and lounged around reading and watching television.

He was quite taciturn at first, but with time I was able to draw him out in conversation. I became his sounding board, his confessor, his friend. Thanks to the mysterious alchemy of lust, something in him awakened, and he wasn't so straight after all. It all started that day I accidentally walked in on him in the bathroom when he was about to step into the shower. There was something in that look. His reticence blossomed into desire. His cock twitched as it hardened slightly.

"Wash my back, would you bud?" he asked in his quiet voice. It was the ending and the beginning at once. We robbed our first bank the following week.

28 May 2009


Raphael is a model and personal trainer from Brazil. I love his ass and that fantastic tan line.

Some prefer not to see tan lines, but I love 'em. They frame and highlight the private, the personal, the vulnerable. The tan line says to a man's lover, "this is for your eyes only; you alone are privileged to savor and enjoy this part of me."

They also remind me of the more "innocent" era of erotica, when men didn't bronze every square inch of their bodies on tanning beds. The porn of my youth was filled with images of gorgeous men sporting tan lines, so I imagine that's why I find them both erotic and preferable.

27 May 2009

Monochrome Gods

Color is not always better. Sometimes black and white is the best way to bring out the erotic, sensual subtext of a man. There's a greater tactile sensibility, I think, with monochrome images. You can almost feel these gods' skin.

Sometimes when I awaken before my lover, as dawn creeps over the horizon, his skin looks like gray marble in the dim light. I cannot help but touch him at such moments, to run my hands on his warm, hard flesh. Often he'll murmur in his sleep and, like a cat, rise involuntarily to my touch. Sometimes he'll roll onto his side whilst still dreaming, freeing his half-hard cock that will begin throbbing slightly with his pulse as it rises to a full erection.

26 May 2009

Portuguese Hustler

I found this on an Iberian equivalent of Craig's List. His description says, if I'm translating correctly: "Equipped and active. Masculine and manly. A complete man for you." Then a bit I can't quite translate, possibly an idiom that means something like "through me you'll know yourself better." Then he talks about how you can come to his private apartment.

So I'm guessing this guy is some kind of hustler even though rates are never mentioned. You look this good, you don't need to arrange hookup sex through the internet. He's Portuguese but living in Barcelona. The photos appear professional with obviously removed watermarks, so I'm guessing he's also some kind of porn star or model.

Yeah, you can't take your eyes of that, can you? Thick and meaty, mmmm good.

25 May 2009

Locker Room Dieties

The one on the left is cocky cute, but the heartbreaker on the right is the one for me. Of course, give him ten years, and he'll be ten times hotter as long as he keeps in shape.

Are you, like me, also wondering what it smells like in that steamy looking locker room? I love the strong scent of a room packed full of sweaty athletic men.

24 May 2009

Here's the Beef

This guy looks like the electrician who works on my California house. Unfortunately, I have not seen my electrician naked, but given what he looks like wearing only cargo shorts, I can mentally complete the picture. My electrician one day said I was one of his best customers. He then laughed and added, "you're always thinking up crazy new projects for me." You bet I am. I'm thinking my walk-in closet needs track lighting and more wall outlets. I think I'll call my electrician this week.

My electrician another time told me he goes to Black's Beach with his girlfriend sometimes to surf. If only I knew when he was there. If you're familiar with Southern California, you probably know about Black's Beach. Most everyone goes there naked.

23 May 2009

Big Shane

This is Shane, a competitive bodybuilder and trainer. He's 20, 5'8", and 195 pounds. He's cute and hot now, but I want to see him in about ten years when he's shed the boyishness and is all man. If he knocked on my door tonight, however, and said "hey dude, I need a place to stay," I certainly wouldn't turn him away.

22 May 2009

Detective Sergeant Ed

A hot man who is also a real policeman is even hotter. Detective Sergeant Ed is not handsome, but he's scorching hot. He can grab me with those big strong arms and frisk me anytime he wants. He can handcuff me then strip search me, too. He can take me in the interrogation room and ask me whatever he wants. I won't mind if he gets a little rough and works up a sweat.

I've seen other pictures of Detective Sergeant Ed standing beside some ordinary blokes. He's much taller than any of them, so that means he's a big strapping lad. He's also a much decorated officer who has been involved in some very daring and heroic arrests.

The special man in my life teases me about my cop infatuation. "You'd leave me in a heartbeat for a man with a badge and a gun," he says.

I plead the Fifth on that one. But, hey, I hear the LAPD is hiring!

I've never been in trouble with the law, so I don't really understand why I'm so attracted to police officers. I just am. So arrest me. I'm guilty as charged.

21 May 2009

Hiking With Yvan Cournoyer

Yvan Cournoyer is primarily a fitness model from Quebec who has done some artistic nudes and Playgirl shoots. He has a very chameleon-like appearance. Sometimes he looks great and sometimes he looks like a muscle-bound, over-stylized male version of Suze Orman. Here are some infrequently seen plein air shots of him hiking.

20 May 2009

Braden Charron Rides Reese Rideout

A great deal of porn leaves an "eh" impression, but I like this set.

19 May 2009

Bigger & Beefier Adam Hart

These are recent photos of on-again off-again pornstar Adam Hart, who has appeared in both straight and gay videos. He's reportedly straight with a longtime girlfriend and son. Now that he's gotten a little older and beefier, I think he looks much better. He used to be the pretty boy blond California surfer type, but now he's all man.

18 May 2009

The Three Faces of David

This is another Flickr find. Other than his name, I know nothing about him. I cropped out much of the background because it took away from the photos, but these appear to be posed in a military barracks of some sort. I suppose that tattoo means he's from Texas.

I like the dichotomy of moods in these three shots, which seem to have been made at different times. In the first one, he's sweetly innocent. The middle one seems more wary. The last one appears more jaded. I love the sweat sheen on the second one. He probably was working out, but it's the same slick patina that a man acquires after a hot bedroom romp.

17 May 2009

Dumb & Cute JO

I don't think he could ever explain the complexities of quantum physics, the importance of quasi-mythical symbols in Proust's Remembrance of Things Past, but he's cute. I love homemade jerkoff vids, particularly when the subject is hot like this one. He loves his own cock and knows exactly how to please himself with his hand. I think you'll enjoy him, too, even if the music is annoying.

16 May 2009

Slabs of Men

I love the term slab to describe a hulking, hot, strapping stud. They're big mesomorphic bulls who just command attention. They're big but not too big. They are gods who inspire awe. Slabs come in more than one size, but they're never diminutive.

I had a meeting this week in Century City at a firm with a penthouse suite. I got in an empty elevator and, just as the door was closing, a younger bass male voice called out "hold the door please."

It was at once a request and a command. I stuck my hand between the doors so they would open. Two seconds later, a courier hustled in the elevator car. He was about 25, 6'4", a true slab of studliness wearing a snug sweaty T-shirt and cargo pants. You see guys like this all over LA, aspiring actors parking cars, waiting tables, delivering packages.

"Thanks dude," he said with a wide smile. He poked a button for two floors below mine, then leaned against the wall and rocked his shoulders whilst making a little "ah" noise. He had a wonderful scent of male flesh and clean sweat. The car stopped on his floor and the doors open. "Later" he called with a smile as he exited.

It was a minute in heaven with a god.