22 May 2009

Detective Sergeant Ed

A hot man who is also a real policeman is even hotter. Detective Sergeant Ed is not handsome, but he's scorching hot. He can grab me with those big strong arms and frisk me anytime he wants. He can handcuff me then strip search me, too. He can take me in the interrogation room and ask me whatever he wants. I won't mind if he gets a little rough and works up a sweat.

I've seen other pictures of Detective Sergeant Ed standing beside some ordinary blokes. He's much taller than any of them, so that means he's a big strapping lad. He's also a much decorated officer who has been involved in some very daring and heroic arrests.

The special man in my life teases me about my cop infatuation. "You'd leave me in a heartbeat for a man with a badge and a gun," he says.

I plead the Fifth on that one. But, hey, I hear the LAPD is hiring!

I've never been in trouble with the law, so I don't really understand why I'm so attracted to police officers. I just am. So arrest me. I'm guilty as charged.

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  1. Anonymous14:01

    Good Lord!
    Why did it take me until now to discover this incredible blog?
    This guy looks like he sweats sperm!


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