19 May 2009

Bigger & Beefier Adam Hart

These are recent photos of on-again off-again pornstar Adam Hart, who has appeared in both straight and gay videos. He's reportedly straight with a longtime girlfriend and son. Now that he's gotten a little older and beefier, I think he looks much better. He used to be the pretty boy blond California surfer type, but now he's all man.


  1. Anonymous20:31

    yuck! he was sexy before. He looks like he belongs in a meat cooler at the butcher shop. Why do people insist on taking steroids. He could always wrestle for the wwf.

    1. Anonymous18:40

      I agree, he looks like any other of a dozen or so over-pumped wrestlers, he was sexier before -- but at least he isn't covered with tattoos.

  2. Remember, just because a bloke is big does not mean he uses steroids or any other illegal substances.

  3. He got his feet worshipped and tickled over at a Foot Fantasy site I enjoy ;) Very hot!

  4. Rick12:58

    He is totally gorgeous!

  5. Anonymous09:37

    One does not need to be an endocrinologist to be able to conclude when someone is taking steroids. This isn't even a close call, folks.

  6. Anon, I disagree. My boyfriend is bigger than Hart, and I know for a fact my bf does not use steroids or any performance enhancing drugs or substances -- he's "all natural." I'm not saying that Hart isn't juicing, but I don't think one can conclude he is just because he's big.

  7. Who the fuck cares anyway. He looks hot.


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