24 May 2009

Here's the Beef

This guy looks like the electrician who works on my California house. Unfortunately, I have not seen my electrician naked, but given what he looks like wearing only cargo shorts, I can mentally complete the picture. My electrician one day said I was one of his best customers. He then laughed and added, "you're always thinking up crazy new projects for me." You bet I am. I'm thinking my walk-in closet needs track lighting and more wall outlets. I think I'll call my electrician this week.

My electrician another time told me he goes to Black's Beach with his girlfriend sometimes to surf. If only I knew when he was there. If you're familiar with Southern California, you probably know about Black's Beach. Most everyone goes there naked.


  1. Um....I need an electrician for...electric stuff...

  2. that MITCHELL - and boy does he Rock !

  3. omg. lucky dog. i think your electrician is flirting with you a little... dropping hints. jus' sayin'.

  4. Will, I agree with SirPercy. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but you don't think your electrician was opening a door somehow?

    Next time he mentions it, maybe you should ask him when he's going, and offer to join him for a picnic. Tell him you'll bring something for him to munch on, anyway.


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