31 March 2013

The Married Man

The set-up here is nothing short of ludicrous: a married man is tossed out by his wife and accidentally packs her dildo when he goes to stay with a friend. When he unpacks his stuff, seeing the dildo is enough to allow his friend fuck in in the ass.

That aside, the dark-haired bloke is cute, and although a bit thin, the ginger lad is fun to watch. And this is my 1,500th post today. Where has the time gone?

30 March 2013

The Legend

Thanks to long-time reader Vince who alerted me to this video featuring the strapping 6'5" Von Legend, who was the very first bloke to appear here at Gods Amongst Men way back when. He's a personal favorite, and I was particularly happy to see this one, as it's new to me.

There's a lot of posing and such at the beginning of this, so if that's not your cup of tea, he starts a long, teasing jerkoff a little after thirteen minutes into the video.

29 March 2013

Spring Break

This is the traditional week for spring break, when young lads from colder climates head south to swim, sun, and party. The naughtier ones will get drunk, get stoned, and get laid -- and maybe all three. Chances are if they do one or both of the first two, the last one will follow.

I don't know the origin of the photo below. Google image search was not helpful. The quality and sensibility suggest it's an art photo, but the subject suggests porn.

The picture suggests a story in my mind. Carloads of young lads head down to a sunny beach somewhere to the south. Most of them spend their time chasing pussy. But some of them only pretend to watch the constant parade of tits and ass -- instead they're really looking at the young studs chasing pussy.

With time, three of them decide to peel off and head back to the motel room for the purported purpose of watching porn. Someone fires up a video of a chick getting piledriven up the ass, and all three lads tug down their swim trunks and whip out their cocks to stroke. They really aren't that interested in what's on screen, and instead prefer to watch each other on the bed, shoulder-to-shoulder, stroking side by side, reflected in the big motel mirror over the dresser.

Soon, primal lust and a testosterone rush takes over. They want more. They want that higher form of sexual release that can only be found with body-on-body contact. One of the lads gets off the bed to turn up the porno sound to disguise their own noises. And then he kneels before them, cock in hand, as they continue to stroke.

Their eyes lock on each other as they smile. They all know they're ready to cross the frontier into something they've wanted to see and do for a long time. To start things off, he reaches down and takes one of the lad's cocks in his free hand. That one, in turn, reaches over to take hold of the hard cock belonging to the lad beside him. Soon they're all kneeling in a triangle, hands freely stroking each other and themselves.

And then the most adventursome of the three drops down to the floor as he slides one of the other lad's cocks into his mouth...

I had experiences like that in my youth. And I'm sure many of you did, too. I will never forget the first time I felt another lad's hand on my hard cock, his fingers already slick with his own precum.

Like most pictures featured here on this blog, this one is much bigger than it appears below. Right click to see it in its original size. In case you want to join in the fun.

28 March 2013


Given the popularity of the recent butt post, I'd thought I'd bring back an encore with more fine masculine hindquarters. Which one would you most like to drop the soap next to you in the gym shower?

27 March 2013


Someone just posted this yesterday, so I'm guessing it won't last long. Don't wait too long to watch it.

The crossed legs while getting fucked is an interesting sexual position. I'm sure there's an official name for it in sex manuals. It's the sort of thing you won't ever forget any time you sit cross-legged in the future now that you've watched this.

26 March 2013


This lad appeared in solo spreads for a few stroke magazines about twelve years ago under the name Dick McKay. He also did one solo stroke video. And with that, he was gone, never to be seen again.

He's not big and massive but he's cute. I want to tie him up and corrupt him. I suspect he's a so-called pocket stud, 5'8" or less -- his proportions suggest he's not much bigger than that.

25 March 2013

Kilts & Cocks

I know you lads like to see hot blokes in kilts, given your postive response when I've posted them before. All of these fine specimens come from the fantastic Tumblr blog Kilts & Cocks.

I have first dibs on the second lad, who has already been thoughtfully gift wrapped. I'm thinking we'll invite the first lad and his camera to record the fun and then join us.

24 March 2013

Leather Jacket Cruising

This has all the hallmarks of semi-vintage porn: bad dialog, wobbly acting, intrusive synth music, hod lads, steamy sex. Does any man besides a rentboy or a pornstar actually wear a leather jacket without a shirt underneath? I think this scene is from a DVD I once owned but I can no longer remember the title.

23 March 2013

Street Justice

Whoever posted this cop-related porn on Xvideos gave it the title "Pulled Over and Fucked." You can't get much more succinct than that.

Surely at least two-thirds of gay men have this fantasy, but it probably happens so rarely, you're more likely to get hit by lightning whilst receiving a speeding ticket.

In alternative reality porn land, however, those statistics are much different. All men are pulled over by hot cops and then fucked in lieu of paying a ticket. It's written right into the statute books.

22 March 2013

Wicked Lads

During my early childhood years in Britain, I occasionally had to endure visits to several elderly female relatives who were unpleasant Dickensian crones. If you did anything ever-so-slightly wrong in their eyes, you were labeled as "wicked." If you did nothing other than look possibly guilty of some minor transgression, you were declared "wicked" in a feeble hiss. Simply because you were a male, you were presumed "wicked" unless you proved yourself otherwise.

Now here are some lads who strive to be wicked so they can get a good punishment fuck. I found all of them at the excellent Tumblr blog Sublime Cock.

21 March 2013

Lukas Reborn

Lukas Ridgeston was a popular porn star but he never did much for me. He was pretty but a bit too twinky for my taste. He retired from porn performing in 2005 but continued to work behind the scenes.

And now, according to widely published reports, he will return to porn fucking in 2013. So even though I'm not really a fan, I'm hoping reports of his cum-back are true. He's now 38 and maturing nicely -- the shots below were reportedly made last year.

He looks more like a man now and less like a boy in outtakes I've seen with graying temples and some age lines. Hopefully he'll be back in porn to stay, so we can look forward to seeing him at 45 when he's even hotter.

20 March 2013

Culinary Arts

Other than the part where the one bloke eats with his mouth open and talks with his mouth full of food, this is a pretty hot video. When I was in school, I sure wish this had happened to me, getting caught up in a threeway with a stud teacher and a class hunk.

19 March 2013

The Gladiator

I found this picture recently of the late great Jon-Erik Hexum. I've never seen this particular shot before, and I suspect this was a promo from his TV show Voyagers!

He was not ripped by today's standards but he's still one of the hottest men ever on screen. It's always so sad to think about how he died so young when he had so much potential.

18 March 2013


I never tire of looking at a hot man's ass. That's one of the bonuses of going to the gym. After you work out, you hit the showers, and you can watch the ass parade there and in the locker room.

Some blokes are modest and will cover their cock with a towel on the way to the shower but leave their beautiful ass exposed for admiration and contemplation. On their way back to the lockers, they'll wrap themselves in the towel. Once they start to change, they'll turn toward the locker to hide their cock but leave their naked ass exposed. When they bend to pull on their underwear (or pants if they're flying commando), you'll get a quick glimpse of their vulnerable hole.

Some lads don't care if everyone sees them naked. Chances are they're hung with a bigger than average cock, too. They want everyone to see their weaponry, even if they are straight. They'll wander all over the locker room, bend down in front of other blokes to show off their joy chute, and take their dear sweet time getting dressed. It's the safe place to be an exhibitionist.

17 March 2013

Hot Threeway

The lads are hot here and the sex is steamy. But the camera operator and director need to go back to film school for a refresher class.

There's a great moment when the bottom is getting sucked while he's being fucked and the camera totally misses it because the one lad's leg is in the way. At other times, we can't see the cocksucking because it's shot from the wrong angle and the cocksucker's head blocks the action.

Small quibbles because the sex more than makes up for it. I guess I missed my calling and should've been a porn director. I'm sure I would've loved the casting couch when I broke in the new performers.

16 March 2013

He Won't Suck Cock

his is new to the Xvideos site and pretty hot. What I find curious is how the white lad won't suck his black lover. He's perfectly willing to get fucked in the ass, but cocksucking is too gay for him, I guess.

When I was younger, I thought anal was "more gay" than cocksucking. When you let a guy fuck you in the ass, that's sort of the ultimate surrender. Sucking is "less gay" because he hasn't fucked you. And if you fuck him in the ass, that's sort of like doing a girl.

Now I don't care one way or the other. I'm totally versatile and prefer versatile men. But I just don't get this "you can fuck me but I won't suck you" stuff.

15 March 2013


This is Gianluigi, who is a model and male escort. He's also done solo porn. I would like to by Gianluigi's pimp. He could keep 100 percent of his earnings. He'd just have to spend a few afternoons a month with my boyfriend and me. We'd put him to good use.

Maybe I should be a pimp during the next writers' strike. I know enough Hollywood bigwigs who are friends of Dorothy. I'd be sort of like Heidi Fleiss except with hair on my chest. And I won't cheat on my taxes, like she did, and end up in prison.