10 March 2013

Magnificent Balls

This lad is incredibly hot. He's not massively built, but he has a beautiful body, fantastic ass, nice thick cock, and the most magnificent balls. He's reportedly bi and a bottom. He stands 5' 8" and weighs 158 pounds. If there is a testicle hall of fame somewhere, he should be a charter inductee.

The second video is showing a white screen here, but once it begins, it plays as usual.


  1. Anonymous07:24

    How much longer will it take to destroy his beautiful body with tattoos?

  2. Anonymous07:46

    FYI. Your videos are not showing up . . this happened not long ago on your site. . It seems that when you have too many daily postings on a page the videos do not show up. . perhaps not enough room on the page I dont know.. .but when this happened before I sent you a message and when you cut down the amount of postings on the daily page the videos re-appeared. Thanks.

  3. Anonymous10:59

    I think that this is one of the hottest guys I have ever seen! His body is perfect-nicely built without being gross. Beautiful round ass, georgeous thick cock and of course, great balls. Would love to see him in action. Just fabulous.

  4. Anonymous12:03

    He is hot… guy next door, I wish, anyone have a name on him?

  5. Silas is a neatly trimmed and shaved individual. But I noticed in the second video, he has hair on his shoulders. He doesn't have a single hair on his back or ass, yet he has fuzzy shoulders.

    Not that I mind... I would take him with fuzzy shoulders or not. I just wondered why and thought it was worth mentioning.

    And you're right about the nuts. Yummy!

    Leo G.

  6. Is there a more erotic sound than an oily hand quickly stroking a penis? Close your eyes and listen between 5:45 and 6:00 on the second video. I want to make this sound my new ringtone.

    Leo G.

  7. Anonymous@07:46

    What happens if you only bring up the day's post with a video (click the title of the post)?

    Does it still not load for you then?

    It's obviously loading for other blokes, given the comments above. I'm wondering this is a browser or IP problem on your end.

  8. Anonymous21:31


    Hope to see more of this guy

  9. Anonymous08:17

    I'd love to feel those balls slapping my ass while he fucks me.

  10. Anonymous07:59

    I love, a dude, with big fat "walnuts" and this dude has them.. Thank-you, show more dudes with "goose eggs":):):)

  11. Anonymous05:20

    That's a perfect example of what I call a gourmet meal...
    Lots of meat and potatoes - perfectly shaped, and well-raised buns - all laid out beautifully in a perfect presentation. All of a sudden I'm terribly horne... umm, I mean HUNGRY!


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