29 March 2013

Spring Break

This is the traditional week for spring break, when young lads from colder climates head south to swim, sun, and party. The naughtier ones will get drunk, get stoned, and get laid -- and maybe all three. Chances are if they do one or both of the first two, the last one will follow.

I don't know the origin of the photo below. Google image search was not helpful. The quality and sensibility suggest it's an art photo, but the subject suggests porn.

The picture suggests a story in my mind. Carloads of young lads head down to a sunny beach somewhere to the south. Most of them spend their time chasing pussy. But some of them only pretend to watch the constant parade of tits and ass -- instead they're really looking at the young studs chasing pussy.

With time, three of them decide to peel off and head back to the motel room for the purported purpose of watching porn. Someone fires up a video of a chick getting piledriven up the ass, and all three lads tug down their swim trunks and whip out their cocks to stroke. They really aren't that interested in what's on screen, and instead prefer to watch each other on the bed, shoulder-to-shoulder, stroking side by side, reflected in the big motel mirror over the dresser.

Soon, primal lust and a testosterone rush takes over. They want more. They want that higher form of sexual release that can only be found with body-on-body contact. One of the lads gets off the bed to turn up the porno sound to disguise their own noises. And then he kneels before them, cock in hand, as they continue to stroke.

Their eyes lock on each other as they smile. They all know they're ready to cross the frontier into something they've wanted to see and do for a long time. To start things off, he reaches down and takes one of the lad's cocks in his free hand. That one, in turn, reaches over to take hold of the hard cock belonging to the lad beside him. Soon they're all kneeling in a triangle, hands freely stroking each other and themselves.

And then the most adventursome of the three drops down to the floor as he slides one of the other lad's cocks into his mouth...

I had experiences like that in my youth. And I'm sure many of you did, too. I will never forget the first time I felt another lad's hand on my hard cock, his fingers already slick with his own precum.

Like most pictures featured here on this blog, this one is much bigger than it appears below. Right click to see it in its original size. In case you want to join in the fun.

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