14 March 2013

Red Shoe Diaries

In the 1990s, the soft-core and somewhat trashy anthology show Red Shoes Diaries ran on cable for about five years, with David Duchovny serving as narrator host. He started doing the show a year before The X-Files but continued to appear on Red Shoes even when he became famous. He played a tormented, grieving lover, who introduced a new erotic story in each episode, based on a confessional letter he had received.

Seeing this lad here in his red shoes, I thought of a new installment for Red Shoes Diaries. Trent is a rugged forty-year-old photographer who takes on a cologne account because he's a little short on cash. The photos are meant to be PG-rated with a naked college-age male model but not showing any cock or ass crack. He hires a hot-looking young lad named Chet from a stack of headshots sitting in his studio.

As the shoot starts, after stripping down to only his red trainers, Chet is at first cooperative and follows Trent's instructions. But then Chet gets horny and starts playing with his cock, spreading his legs, and showing off his hole. Trent can see that Chet is not a virgin and has been fucked in the ass before. He's starting to get horny, too. In order to cool Chet down, he decides to fuck the horniness out of him. The sex goes on for hours as Chet turns out to be one of the greediest bottoms he's ever fucked.

When the shoot is finally over, Trent can't get Chet out of his mind. He fucks a few other lads here and there but they're nothing like Chet. He decides to contact him again, on the pretense of arranging another photo shoot, but Chet is nowhere to be found. Trent becomes obsessed with finding him until both his career and personal life begin to suffer.

When his client delivers an ultimatum for Trent to turn over the photos from Chet's shoot, he finally takes some time in the darkroom to develop them. But when he sees the negatives, they're utterly blank. They look like he shot an empty studio. Was Chet entirely a figment of Trent's fantasy, or was he some sort of incubus who played Trent for a fool?


  1. Anonymous07:21

    Were you waiting for the election of a new Pope before posting this "red shoe" photo collection?

  2. Anon, I always try to be topical when I can. Now only if the new pope looked like this...


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