03 March 2013

Straight for Pay?

TJ started out in the adult film biz about ten years ago doing gay porn under the name Nick Steel. More recently, he's done exclusively straight smut, with the exception of jerkoff vids like these.

I wish someone would dangle enough money in front of his nose so he'd bend over and take it like a man once again. I've seen him do some pretty off-the-wall straight stuff and he seems to get hard for anything with a pulse. So letting a guy fuck him once again wouldn't be too much of a reach. For all we know, he's sucking and fucking with men off screen.


  1. Anonymous08:14

    He is certainly a nasty straight homophobe. I'm sorry that you posted this. Even if his tough talk was an act, it was offensive.

  2. I enjoyed the first video much more than the second. I know some guys like to be verbally demeaned, but I don't find it arousing to be called "pathetic". Next time, I'll watch it with the "mute" button pressed.

    Leo G.

  3. Anonymous19:02

    Oh wow. That second video. Could you maybe post a warning about the repeated use of homophobic slurs? Thanks.

  4. Anonymous15:53

    When he says, "What are you thinking?" I answered, "You're an abusive POS!" and clicked off the video. Me thinks he doth protest too much. Read online today about a study where the biggest homophobes are the ones who are most adept at supressing their desire for M2M contact. BS like this is a turn off.

  5. Karlos08:29

    LMAO I had the sound off. Nobody really cares what he got to say


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