24 March 2013

Leather Jacket Cruising

This has all the hallmarks of semi-vintage porn: bad dialog, wobbly acting, intrusive synth music, hod lads, steamy sex. Does any man besides a rentboy or a pornstar actually wear a leather jacket without a shirt underneath? I think this scene is from a DVD I once owned but I can no longer remember the title.


  1. Anonymous07:16

    Xvideos is intentionally delaying download of their vids so you'll launch their 'diagnostic tool', which is actually invasive spyware.

  2. Anonymous07:28

    Well, the sneering bottom is Rob Cryston (which def makes this from the 80's), and the top, um, one of Mitt Romney's kids maybe?

  3. Anonymous08:31

    How could anyone not find Rob Cryston HOT? I was mad for him back in the 90s- he had a reputation for being the nicest guy in porn. Injured his back and moved to FL to become a real estate agent as I recall. I would love to see if he has aged well.

  4. Anonymous10:21

    If I had a body like that, I'd never wear a shirt under my leather jacket.

  5. Anonymous16:20

    Great cumming!


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