26 March 2013


This lad appeared in solo spreads for a few stroke magazines about twelve years ago under the name Dick McKay. He also did one solo stroke video. And with that, he was gone, never to be seen again.

He's not big and massive but he's cute. I want to tie him up and corrupt him. I suspect he's a so-called pocket stud, 5'8" or less -- his proportions suggest he's not much bigger than that.


  1. Anonymous06:04

    Dick actually did two stroke videos for the same studio. These pictures do show his beautiful body and boyish charm but don't adequately showcase his very big dick.

  2. Anonymous08:53

    I love to have that "little" power pucker stud in my back "pocket". He's a cutie, from head to toe. Good things do come in small packages, including a big cock, and beefy butt.


  3. Yummy! He's gorgeous!

  4. I'd love to see either or both of Dick's stroke videos. He's a keeper.


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