30 March 2013

The Legend

Thanks to long-time reader Vince who alerted me to this video featuring the strapping 6'5" Von Legend, who was the very first bloke to appear here at Gods Amongst Men way back when. He's a personal favorite, and I was particularly happy to see this one, as it's new to me.

There's a lot of posing and such at the beginning of this, so if that's not your cup of tea, he starts a long, teasing jerkoff a little after thirteen minutes into the video.


  1. After watching this video, I'm torn. Half of me is aroused. The other half feels terribly guilty for watching it when I should be exercising.

    Time for my nap.

    Leo G.

  2. Anonymous17:24

    Big muscles, big cock, but too narcissistic.

    1. Anonymous03:31

      I agree with you. No emotion, no passion as he came. He just let his cum drop.. like that, like it was crap.

  3. I hope my homeowners insurance covers a melted laptop .

  4. This one is pretty good but still no match for his other solo vid with its awesome, raise the roof cumshot! It's amazing how calm and controlled he is just before letting loose. Makes it a bit of a challenge if you want to climax together but I'm not complaining too loudly because he's just the ultimate muscle worship fantasy man!

  5. Anonymous10:45

    Wow. Just wow.

  6. neee booring when he is lonely


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