02 March 2013

Cum Fiesta

Here are three vids featuring straight men being pleasured by gay men. In the first one, the lad is sort of geeky hot with great bushy pubes. He tries to keep looking at the straight porn on the TV as if to block out the realization that a dude is sucking him off. But at a certain point, he gets the most astounded look on his face when he realizes men can suck cock much better than a woman.

In the second one, the bloke gives up all pretense of watching the straight porn video and decides to facefuck his cocksucker. The last one is a bit murky with poor sound and the cumshot is hard to see, but the bound lad is so hot. You can tell when he's cumming by the way his body clenches at the climax. This one looks like it might be a genuine amateur vid.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous05:10

    Really Hot. I watch first every chance I get. What a nice body attached to that great cock. Balls that I could play with for hours. Nice that we can't see much of his face but someday I'd like to see a full frontal shot of him standing up. Hope there will be more of this guy and be able to see him cum more clearly.


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