08 March 2013

Continuity Error

You may have heard the term "continuity error" when describing certain problems in movies and TV shows. Simply defined, it's a visual logic error between two scenes. In the first shot, for instance, John runs into the bank with a pistol, but in the next shot inside the bank he's holding a shotgun. Less obvious errors like this occur all the time because movies and shows are usually shot out of sequence.

This set has a little continuity error. In the first shot, he has on briefs. But in the next shot, he's taking off his shirt but is wearing no briefs. The only way for this sequence to work logically would be for him to take off the shirt, then put on the pants. Or, he takes off the pants, puts on the shirt, and then takes it off again. But why would he do that in the bathroom?

Porn has lots of continuity errors but these really aren't porn. But who cares about all this, actually, because he's bloody magnificent. He can make all the continuity mistakes he wants and I'll forgive him.


  1. Anonymous12:23

    Not related to this post, but it's time to "clean up" your list of "Celebrate Men" on the sidebar. I appreciate your notifying us of some other good sites, but many of the links don't work any longer.

  2. Perhaps there is no continuity error.

    Perhaps this hunk broke into his straight buddy’s apartment and began trying on his buddy’s under things one article at a time.

    Maybe he did this because he is obsessed with his buddy... or maybe he did this to rub his stank all over his buddies undergarments in hopes that his buddy will subconsciously become obsessed with him in return.

    We’ve all been there, right fellows? (Why do I suddenly feel all alone?)

    Don't judge me!
    Leo G.


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