21 March 2013

Lukas Reborn

Lukas Ridgeston was a popular porn star but he never did much for me. He was pretty but a bit too twinky for my taste. He retired from porn performing in 2005 but continued to work behind the scenes.

And now, according to widely published reports, he will return to porn fucking in 2013. So even though I'm not really a fan, I'm hoping reports of his cum-back are true. He's now 38 and maturing nicely -- the shots below were reportedly made last year.

He looks more like a man now and less like a boy in outtakes I've seen with graying temples and some age lines. Hopefully he'll be back in porn to stay, so we can look forward to seeing him at 45 when he's even hotter.


  1. I am an ALL TIME FAN of Lukas R.

    I don't agree about him being a «twink».
    Even in 2005, he was PERFECT and had some nice muscled forms.

    But his main assets are his gorgeous blue eyes.

    For me he is the PERFECT MAN and he is on my top 20s men beauty on earth...
    As you mentionned, he is well maturing and getting more and more «desirable»....

    YUMMY as always


  2. Anonymous17:00

    Lukas is stunning! And I believe he also went to study at an university. Not sure why he's ended up being a porn star?? However, he has proven that he is good at what he is doing and "talented" too.

    Compared with the older generation, I reckon the younger generation can do much better sex scenes. You can feel "love", "connection" and "passion, when they shag.

    Another stunning one is Pavel Novotny. He is so hunky, gorgeous and photogenic, with a "huge talent" too.

  3. Anonymous19:19

    I happen to agree with your statement about Lukas having been too twinky in the past. Men don't really get smokin' hot until they're at least 35. Of course it helps when a guy has salami in his pants that size!!!


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