30 April 2019

Crimes and Offenses

A lawyer and a distinguished legal journalist, Benjamin Wittes is one of the best equipped people to break down and analyze the Mueller Report. He has now done that (link here) and has some damning verdicts for Donald Trump:

The President committed crimes.

The President also committed impeachable offenses.

The only thing keeping Trump from facing a criminal trial now is a Department of Justice policy that prevents prosecution of a sitting President.

There's nothing to stop Congress from impeaching this President, however. To that end, Wittes lays out a convincing case that the House of Representatives should at lease consider the option. Starting down that road does not mean they have to go all the way.

But refusing to take any action now, in the face of all the damning evidence, seems like a lot more than political negligence.

Real-World Boyfriends

These two lads are said to be boyfriends in real life. This apparently is the only porn scene they've done, although one of them did an earlier jackoff solo scene.

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29 April 2019

The Sergeant at Arms

Donald Trump and the House of Representatives are currently locked in a game of political chicken. Various House committees have sent subpoenas to various members of the Trump administration for documents and/or to appear at public hearings, and Trump has ordered the latter to ignore all subpoenas.

Here's a way to break that stalemate: The House Sergeant at Arms has the legal authority to arrest anyone who ignores a House subpoena, to physically detain him or her, and to bring him or her before the relevant committee to testify (details here). The House itself can also put that scofflaw on trial, and the Supreme Court has already affirmed it has this power.

And there's nothing Trump can do to stop this. Now obviously the best people for the House Sergeant at Arms to arrest and bring before the committees are those who don't have a federal security detail. And plenty of those have been subpoenaed.

Do it, Congress. Do it.


This is Miron, who is a 34-year-old taxi driver in Pilsen, which is in the far western Czech Republic, near the German border. He stands 5'11 and weighs 175 pounds. I wonder if he's ever propositioned by his male passengers and how he reacts.

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28 April 2019

Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

When Donald Trump whips up his base, he commonly extols them to "buy Americans" and "hire American." As has long been documented, that's advice he routinely ignores himself.

Buzzfeed broke the story on Friday (link here) that Trump's Mar-A-Lago resort regularly refuses to hire Americans who apply for work and instead brings in cheap immigrants on short-term visas as cooks, servers, and housekeepers.

Yet Trump has repeatedly claimed the reason he hires temporary foreign workers is because he can't find American workers to hire. The Buzzfeed piece reveals, of course, that's a lie.

Lying and hypocrisy are the two pillars of Trumpism. It's amazing his cult can't see what so often is in plain sight and certain easily found on the internet.

Rodeo Days

This is a scene from a 1985 porn flick called Rodeo. The lad wanking on the toilet is John Rock. The first lad to enter the loo is Dwan and the second one is Ken Rogers.

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27 April 2019


Donald Trump made one of his more profoundly stupid comments this past week. He posted on Twitter "if the partisan Dems ever tried to Impeach, I would first head to the U.S. Supreme Court."

This is comically wrong for two reasons. Anyone who knows anything about the Supreme Court knows it is a court of final appeal. It's not a court of first pleading that remedies disputes. (Yes there are a few rare exceptions to that, but Trump's claim here is not one of them.)

And second, the Supreme Court and other federal courts know that impeachment issues are what is legally known as nonjusticiable. That means they can't be reviewed by a court. Impeachment is a political process and the Supreme Court has previously ruled it's entirely up to Congress to decide all matters regarding impeachment.

To this end, the Los Angeles Times published a great piece yesterday (link here) explaining how absurd Trump's claim actually is.

One is left wondering why Trump said what he did, given any lawyer would know it was laughable. Was it meant to impress his base, making them think he was so powerful or so righteous that the Supreme Court would instantly take his side?

What is amazing is that for a man who is so notoriously thin skinned, he has no problem proudly displaying his ignorance for all the world to see.

In Argentina

This is a very hot scene. The lad picked up on the street seems real, like he really is slowly being talked into getting fucked after first wanking for cash and then sucking cock. If this isn't real, the actor performer is doing a great job.

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26 April 2019

Another Take

One thing that has become abundant clear since release of the Mueller Report is that the current Attorney General, William Barr, is an utter disgrace and one of the worst to hold that position in the last century. He openly lies and has obliterated the objective autonomy between the Justice Department and the White House.

A lot of legal experts, both conservative and left of center, have spoken out harshly about his recent behavior. And it's increasingly difficult to find any lawyer of merit outside the current administration who will speak up in his defense.

To this end, Jonathan Chait at New York magazine wrote an interesting piece last week (link here) with the straightforward title of "Congress Should Impeach William Barr." Given Barr's behavior since the report's release, it's all the more relevant.

This week, Donald Trump demanded everyone currently and formerly working in his administration should ignore Congressional subpoenas and refuse to appear before Congress, a blatantly unconstitutional act. And Barr is now publicly backing him on that.

Impeaching Barr would be an interesting end run around impeaching Trump and put certain key Republican senators on the defensive as they face a potentially difficult reelection campaign next year. It would also upend an administration that seems hell bent on upending Congress right now and knock it back on the defensive.

It would also be a great way, through the impeachment trial in the Senate, to expose important evidence about Trump himself. If the White House is determined to turn Washington upside down by ignoring Congress's oversight duty, Congress should upright it again with an impeachment of the Attorney General.

Friday, Fucking Friday

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25 April 2019

Seize the Day

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson threw down the gauntlet in his Monday installment (link here) in a piece with the title "Democrats must seize and define this moment. Otherwise, Trump will."

The column makes a straight forward and pretty convincing case for impeaching Donald Trump in light of the Mueller Reports's findings. Leading Democrats seem to be mired in "what if" scenarios and are ignoring the "what is" scenario with impeachment. They don't have to go all the way down the road to impeachment in the end, but they should at least start.

The lack of a Trump indictment accompanying the Mueller Report has emboldened the President, but not because he was found to be innocent. He wasn't prosecuted because there's a longstanding Department of Justice policy against indicting a sitting President. The Mueller Report nonetheless details prosecutable crimes/

So Trump is acting like he's been vindicated and exonerated when the report makes the opposite quite clear. Yet Trump will continue to act like that's true and now wants to "investigate" those who investigated him. For someone who whined endlessly and wrongly about a witch hunt, he's eager to fire up a witch hunt all his own.

To add insult to injury, Trump is openly defying Congressional followup to the Mueller Report, demanding that his staff ignore all subpoenas for documents and appearances at committee hearings. This is in defiance of the Mueller Report which makes painfully clear that further Congressional action is warranted.

Robinson does a commendable job in his piece laying out and effectively rebutting some of the common Democratic arguments against impeaching Trump. The historical precedent shows that impeachment would be a good idea now Democrats right now, not a bad one, not to mention the electorate's desire to see Trump constrained, as evidenced by the November 2016 midterm results.

Democrats must not blink in the face of Trump's threats. Doing so will make him stronger. So failing to impeach Trump may end up helping him in the 2020 election, not the other way around as some in the party leadership claim.

Have you made your feelings known to your Congressman or Congresswoman? If not, go to the House website today (link here), enter your zipcode, and reach out to him or her. The more they hear from us, the more confident they will be to act.

Big John

This big bloke is hot as fuck. Who knows if he was ever really in the Air Force but he certainly has my fantasies flying high. As usual, the producing website provides zero information about him or his stats.

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24 April 2019

Poison Pill

Yesterday, the New York Times published an interesting opinion piece (link here) with the title of "There’s a Bigger Prize Than Impeachment" and the deck title of "Keeping Trump in office will destroy the Republican Party."

It's an interesting idea and the future lineup of Congressional hearings into the Trump administration's scandals could do some damage this year and next, but there's no guarantee that those won't fizzle out if there aren't any gigantic bombshells. As well, Donald Trump has ordered everyone in his administration to ignore congressional subpoenas -- a dangerous precedent -- which pits the White House and Congress on a collision course that will likely be resolve in federal courts.

Every day Trump remains in office, however, does further damage to the country. And with the Senate expediting his arch-conservative judicial nominees through confirmation, with virtually all of them being approved, the nation will be affected by this for decades. So Trump can do a great deal of damage in the remaining part of this term.

And what if he's re-elected, which is something of a long shot but certainly not impossible. Remember, he was a long shot before and won nonetheless. And we may also face the danger that if Trump is defeated next year, he will simply declare the results as being fraudulent and refuse to leave office.

The sooner he is gone the better, and the weaker he is made now the better. Even if impeachment does not lead to removal, I think it would do more damage to the GOP in the next two years than hoping Trump will destroy the Republican Party.

Thanks but no thanks.

Flip-Flopping Indoors and Out

Bruce from yesterday is back in two hot flipflop scenes, the first outdoors and the second indoors. Whilst porn producers sometimes pair big lads with twinks to emphasize the size difference, for whatever reason, they don't do that much with Bruce. Perhaps that's only because he prefers to fuck big musclestuds like himself.

If you'd prefer to watch these on the source webpages, click here for the outdoor scene and here for the indoor scene.

23 April 2019

A Major Case

The Supreme Court announced yesterday it would hear three important LGBT job discrimination cases in the 2019-2020 term (details here and here), and most likely the three cases will be combined into one appeal. Federal appellate courts have ruled both that federal law prohibits and does not prohibit discrimination against LGBT persons, and that conflict in rulings likely encouraged Supreme Court consideration of the matter.

The Obama administration supported prohibiting LGBT discrimination but Donald Trump's administration has said that LGBT discrimination is not illegal. Remember when Trump promised to be pro-LGBT?

When Anthony Kennedy was still a justice on the high court, he was fairly reliably pro-LGBT in his decisions. With his retirement and replacement by an arch-conservative, there's no longer that reassurance. Justices Alito, Thomas, and Kavanaugh almost certainly will rule against LGBT rights. Gorsuch may or not join them and the same for Chief Justice Roberts.

But that could well be overly optimistic. I could very easily see this coming down 5-4 against LGBT rights.

Of course, Congress could quickly fix this by amending the law to specify that discrimination based on sexual orientation or LGBT status is prohibited, but that won't happen with a Republican-controlled Senate and White House. There would be hope for change after the 2020 election if Democrats take the White House and both houses of Congress.

The decision in this case will likely not be announced until summer 2020, right in the middle of the election season. Hopefully it will be an issue motivating Democrats and progressives to the polls.

Special Agent

Special Agent Bruce knows that certain interrogation techniques can open up even the most reluctant witness. Fortunately, he has Bureau approval to use those in extraordinary circumstances.

Bruce has been doing porn for fifteen years, primarily as a top but occasionally as a bottom. He's in his late forties, stands six foot even, and weighs 195 pounds. He has an active Twitter feed (link here) where he posts hardcore images and videos.

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22 April 2019

Understanding It All

A longtime reader emailed me to ask if I had any recommendations for something that would help understand the implications of the Mueller Report without having to read the actual 448-page document. To that end, I recommend the New York Times's free "The Daily" podcast from last Friday, April 19. In thirty minutes, two reporters explain the report itself, why the report is not a vindication of Donald Trump, and the potential liability he faces as a result, both while still President and once leaving office.

If you have an MP3 player or a smart phone, you can download the program to your podcast app. If you don't use either device, you can listen to the entire program online. Alternatively, you can download a written transcript of the entire broadcast. The necessary link for all these options is found here.

The Gymnast

This lad has a very fine physique. I don't know if he really was ever a gymnast but he's built like one. I would imagine a competitive gymnast could be a really creative bedmate who knew a wide variety of sexual positions.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and total more than a hundred in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, click here.