30 November 2020

Rotting Minds

David Brooks at the New York Times wrote a very thoughtful but ultimately frustrating column last Thursday (link here) with the title "The Rotting of the Republican Mind" and the secondary title "When one party becomes detached from reality."

He points how a significant majority of Republicans now believe wild conspiracies about the election and mathematics and medicine and science. It has become the anti-intelligence, anti-education party. Its current ringleader and grand poohbah, of course, is Donald Trump, the archduke of fraud and conspiracy gibberish.

But not only is this brain rot afflicting Republicans, it's happening in right-wing populist parties around the world.

Where his piece is frustrating, however, is that he doesn't really offer any kind of a solution. This is a big, worsening, worldwide problem. How much worse will it get before it gets better?

Read his piece. Maybe it will give you some ideas about how you can help tackle this mess.

The Beginning and the End

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29 November 2020

Petty and Cruel

Donald Trump is determined to cause as much damage as possible before he leaves office in January. One way he's doing that is by planning to shift tens or even hundreds of thousands of civil services positions into political patronage jobs.

Already targeted are 88 percent of staff at the Office of Management and Budget, a critical federal office that oversees financing and planning government operations (details here).

Once their job classification is changed, workers can be summarily fired without cause, something the President is also planning on doing, which could soon bring the government to a halt.

Trump is doing this for two reasons.

First, it's a way to get back at people he deems insufficiently loyal to him as President. And second, he's doing it to make incoming President Joe Biden's job that much harder.

He cares not a whit for the people who will suddenly find themselves without jobs and a steady income. He also doesn't care about all the people who will be harmed when government operations are interrupted.

He only cares about himself.

Hopefully this disaster-in-the-making can be stopped through swift court action once it happens. Give the litigious Trump a taste of his own medicine.

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28 November 2020

Destroying the Evidence

Historian Jill Lepore wrote a thought-provoking and interesting article in the November 23, 2020, issue of The New Yorker (link here) about how Donald Trump and his inner circle, in violation of the law, are quite likely to destroy a good number of documents in these final weeks that provide a record of his presidency.

Like all of Lepore's articles, she provides lots of fascinating context and history. The piece details how the law requires Presidents and their staffs to save every document and record of a presidency, whether it be paper or digital, and how that law in the current and former administrations has been ignored.

This documentation is essential for more than just historical reasons. It's necessary in the event of any post-presidential prosecutions. Hence, this is the reason Trump and his minions may destroy much of what exists, to make prosecution more difficult. Destroying potential evidence is committing the crime of obstruction of justice, but proving a case is not easy when the ones who know what the record was refuse to speak.

Many times the Trump presidency has served as a warning for what must be changed and reformed about the presidency, as happened after Richard Nixon's great fall. Where Trump has bent or defied the law, then the law must be strengthened so that another President cannot abuse it as he has done. But reforming the law will be all but impossible if Republicans retain control of the Senate, which is still in doubt, because of two pending Senate seat elections in Georgia in early January.

Which serves as an excellent reminder that you can help with the campaigns for these two Senate election, even if you don't live in Georgia. Click here to learn more.

Easy Riders

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27 November 2020

A Parting Disgrace

On Thanksgiving Eve, Donald Trump pardoned his former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn who had twice pleaded guilty to several crimes, one of which was committed to protect the President whilst still a candidate.

In a nutshell, Flynn lied to hide the fact that he had several conversations with Russia's ambassador before Trump entered office. Admitting he had done so would have underscored the many contacts between Russia and Trump's people before the 2016 election and thus would add fuel to the argument that the campaign had conspired and colluded with Russian government agents.

For his part, Trump has acted like Flynn was tricked and scammed by dastardly FBI agents, which conveniently overlooks the fact that Flynn admitted what he had done was wrong and was thus willing to accept a guilty plea. To this, Trump mixes his trademark lies falsely claiming the Obama administration spied on his campaign. This, of course, is meant to distract from the fact that Russia helped him win the election

So Trump is making out that this pardon is about justice and liberty and patriotism and once again trying to wrap himself in the flag.

In reality, as David Frum points out in The Atlantic (link here), the pardon was really about saving himself. For this identical reason, Trump granted clemency to Roger Stone, another criminal who lied to protect Trump.

While the pardon is not unlawful, it's another trademark example of Trump's abuse of power. As an editorial in the Washington Post notes (link here), the pardon is one of what will likely be many parting disgraces ending Trump's presidency.

This could all end up biting Trump on the ass, however. Flynn can now be called as a witness against Trump, and accepting his pardon means he can't evoke a Fifth Amendment protection and refuse to testify (details here).

As a result, he could be forced to reveal more about Trump, and refusing to do so could land him in jail on a contempt charge. That, indeed, would be a fitting end to this saga.

Black Friday Butt Bangers

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26 November 2020

Stepdad's Stuffing

College freshman Austin returns home for the holiday and finds his stepfather Myles alone in the house. He barely knows the man but has fantasized about him ever since he first met him at his mother's wedding.

Myles asks if he wants to help with the stuffing. Austin isn't much good in the kitchen but agrees, thinking it might be a good way to know his stepdad a bit better. But Myles isn't thinking about the kitchen and proceeds to show him a very different kind of stuffing.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. The regular posting schedule returns tomorrow.

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25 November 2020

Naming Names

One wonders how long elected Republicans will continue to cower before Donald Trump. More than two weeks have passed since President-elect Joe Biden was revealed to have won the election, but as of this writing only five of the fifty-three GOP members of the Senate have publicly congratulated the incoming chief executive.

Annoyed at their continued obsequience, legendary Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein revealed the names of twenty-one current GOP Senators who in his earshot have trashed Trump (details here). Not surprisingly, most have not acknowledged being unmasked while a few on the list denied it's true, still fearful of the tyrant soon to leave the White House.

In other words, they're continuing to grovel. Once Trump is out of office, will this public genuflecting continue?

The answer will lie in how long Trump's base continues to support him once he leaves office. If that begins to fade and quickly, then the GOP may show more backbone.

But if a large swath of Trump voters remain steadfastly loyal, Trump will continue to be a gravitational center for the party once out of office. That may change if he faces criminal prosecution. Politicians become notoriously disloyal the minute someone faces criminal prosecution.

Nevertheless, all of these obsequious Republicans are cowards. The longer they stay silent, the longer they will continue to put self before country.


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24 November 2020


Although it became crystal clear more than two weeks ago that Joe Biden had won the presidential election, Donald Trump and his administration have been blocking the start of the transition process by preventing communication with the incoming Biden team, blocking transition funding and resources, and prohibiting classified briefings.

Finally, after suffering more losses yesterday in court cases and failing to block state certifications, while more GOP officials recognized that Biden was the President-elect, Trump relented and allowed the transition to begin, all the while insisting he wasn't conceding and that he had won the election (details here). Nevertheless, he still had to be pushed into making this move and only did so after at least three high-level administration officials said the transition had to begin.

Trump only has one appeal of any substance left, that of the withering beat-down he received last week in a Pennsylvania federal court from a Republican judge, and that's so legally contorted and absurd he has no chance of prevailing. Even if he did, however, he could flip no other state and still would be far short of the needed electoral majority.

Many political pundits doubt he will ever concede, but that does not matter. It only demonstrates that he's emotionally unfit to be president of anything, let alone the United States.

As a Republican Senator said in a statement urging the President to act before Trump finally allowed the transition to begin: "When you are in public life, people remember the last thing you do."

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23 November 2020

Behind Closed Doors

Donald Trump continues to make wild claims about election fraud, without providing an ounce of proof, but privately he's planning for his post-presidency (details here), which starts in under two months.

He wants two basic things: (1) a way to make a lot of money with little work and (2) to remain a dominant presence in politics.

In other words, he knows his claims about election fraud are a gigantic lie meant to fool his rubes.

There's no doubt he could earn some serious coin as a former President, but whether that could cover his whopping debt remains to be seen.

How much a political force he turns out to be is another unknown. His appeal may fade fast, as has happened with past former Presidents. Alternatively, his continuing popularity amongst his base could cause a major rift in the Republican Party.

One thing that does not seem to be in his plans, at least based on current reporting, is his massive, looming legal liability. He almost certainly will continue to be sued in civil court and already has a number of pending cases. And he also faces possible criminal prosecution.

Defending any litigation will come out of his own pocket as no lawyer worth his or her salt will represent him for free. High profile defense work is very expensive, and given he's already facing a crushing debt load, that may be very tough for him to carry.

Unlike some of the reporting, I suspect there are still too many unknowns to know exactly what Trump's post-presidency will be like. Given all the misery has has caused so many millions, a very turbulent and extremely disquieting retirement is what he deserves.

Stuff This

Here is your first instant porn collection for the week. Featured today are nearly twelve hundred hardcore photos from sixteen sets, most of which were released within the last three days. The remainder are studio rereleases. Samples are seen below. To download everything in a single free zipped folder, click here.

22 November 2020


The nonpartisan FactCheck published an excellent summary on Friday (link here) of the many lawsuits Donald Trump has filed in an attempt to upset the election that he lost by more than six million votes. As you can see by even a quick scan of the article, nearly all of them have been thrown out of court.

One of the few pending cases was thrown out of court after their piece was published. Last night, a federal judge in Pennsylvania tossed Trump's last major remaining case with a blistering and brutal opinion (details here).

Yes, Trump can still appeal some of these outcomes — he's already lost a lot of his appeals — but you need a legal argument of substance and actual evidence to back up your claims. He lacks both.

Trump's campaign is trying to put a brave face on all this, saying they're glad their cases were tossed quickly so now they can take the matter to the US Supreme Court. They seem not to realize the high court does not have to hear any appeal, rejects more than 99 percent of them, and only takes cases presenting unusual, novel legal questions.

Trump's empty cases don't even have any evidence, so they present no legal questions at all. Courts aren't going to toss out a valid election simply because he's a sore loser.

Private Pool Party

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21 November 2020


Donald Trump suffered a number of stinging defeats yesterday in his quest to steal the election away from President-elect Joe Biden.

First came the news that Georgia had official certified that Biden won the state. Certification is a necessary step before the winner's electors are finalized. Trump had sued and lost several times in court in his attempt to stop this certification.

Then came the news that Maricopa County, the most populous county in Arizona, had certified that Biden had won there, too. Trump had been hoping the county supervisors, who are overwhelmingly Republican, would throw the vote to him, even though he lost. The county, however, certified the true winner: Biden. Trump had also sued in Arizona to stop certification and had failed there, too.

Trump invited the two Republican majority leaders from Michigan's two legislative bodies to the White House yesterday, determined to convince them to throw the election to him in their state, despite the fact Biden had won there, too. Once again, he failed, and the two announced their state's electors would, indeed, be awarded to Biden. This after Trump has lost every lawsuit brought in Michigan in an attempt to stop certification.

Finally, unrelated to the election but bad news nevertheless, Trump learned yesterday that the federal judge overseeing his defamation lawsuit — he's been sued by a woman who says he raped her — removed the Department of Justice as counsel, meaning Trump will have to pay his own lawyers to defend him. Trump's attorney general had tried to stick the taxpayers for this expense, but the judge would have none of that.

Trump has become like the crazy old man shouting at the sea, hoping to turn back the tide. Alas, of course, that is a failing strategy, too.

He better start packing his boxes. He leaves the White House on January 20, 2021.