03 November 2020

Two Important Election Matters

First, if you are voting in person today and experience any problems or have questions, call the National Voter Protection Hotline at 1-833-336-8683. You can also visit their website (link here) for help finding your polling place, a ballot drop-box, checking your registration, and more.

Second, when watching the election returns tomorrow night, beware of the possibilities both of a red mirage and of a blue mirage — election returns in one swing state or another may appear to go strongly to one candidate with the count well underway (details here). Don't be fooled by that, because different types of ballots are counted at different times in different states.

The massive number of people who voted absentee, early, and by mail this year may complicate and slow ballot counting and give a "mirage" vote even with a significant percent already counted. Donald Trump has made it known he plans to declare himself the winner tonight if he appears to be ahead early; ignore him. He has no say on who the final winner is; that's up to each state.

The final result may not be determined for several days, particularly if the totals are close. Some states, like Pennsylvania, may seem unduly slow. Just be patient. Post-count litigation is also very likely and may complicate matters.

Vote and then sit tight. It may seem like a long counting process this year but don't panic. It's not over until every vote is counted.

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