31 March 2017


LGBT Americans are part of the cultural mainstream in the 21st century, but elements of society -- and now government -- want to see that we're excluded. And now add the Census Bureau wants to shove us back in the closet.

The 2020 census will soon be here but LGBT people will not be counted as a category. The Census Bureau counts televisions in households but will have no data on LGBT America.

While at first blush this might seem like a minor slight, it's much more important than phobic myopia. "Census information helps determine the allocation of federally funded social services that are critically important to so many members of the LGBTQ community," said Nancy Marcus, Law and Policy Project Senior Advisor at Lambda Legal (details here).

President Obama's administration planned to include LGBT questions when they were designing the next census, but that was all thrown out the window after Donald Trump was inaugurated.

As the Lambda Legal press release states: "The Trump Administration is trying to make it harder for the most vulnerable members of the LGBTQ community to get the help they need."

But, hey, he waived an upside-down rainbow flag for two seconds, so that's what really counts, right?


The top here is Jerome, who stands 5'10, weighs 165, and is nicely muscled with a lean physique like a field and track man. He's described by the source website as biracial with one white and one black parent. Jerome has only recently started doing porn and is qualified as being straight but open to exploring via porn.

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30 March 2017


In another kick to the teeth of the LGBT and minority communities, on Monday Donald Trump signed an executive order rescinding President Obama's mandate that companies under contract to the federal government provide documentation about their compliance with fair employment laws (details here).

With this change, no one will now check that such companies are actually complying with the law. Fair employment laws are still in place but there's no longer any way to monitor compliance.

If you work in one branch of a company with many locations, you have no way of knowing if your employer is actually complying with the law. In short, nobody knows except the employer itself.

Trump's action has a disproportionately negative effect on the LGBT community, because LGBT people do not have the explicit nondiscrimination protections under federal law afforded other protected minorities. Only about half of the states have fair employment laws that include LGBT people.

The President said he signed this executive order to "create jobs" but it will not create a single job. In fact, it will reduce the number of people employed in large companies because compliance officers will no longer be needed.

This is one of many actions Trump has taken and will take that weaken protections for ordinary Americans and make life more profitable for the wealthy. From environmental rules to employment standards, he wants to make sure the deck is stacked even higher against average citizens.

Trump campaigned like he was the advocate for the "99 percent," notwithstanding he's part of the "1 percent." His actions since becoming President, however, show he's primarily focused on making things even better for those at the top of the heap.

The rest of us are left out in the cold.

Big Beefy Bottom

The big hot bottom stud here is Diego Reyes. He just started doing porn at the end of 2016 and has filmed five scenes so far that are available to the public.

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29 March 2017


The Washington Post published an article yesterday (link here) about the numerous connections between the ultra-conservative LGBT-hating Heritage Foundation and the Trump Administration.

While the article ostensibly is about how Donald Trump's first budget is pretty much a carbon-copy of Heritage's budget document, it further details the dozens of administration nominees and White House staff who have come from the Foundation, not to mention other policies that have been provided wholesale by Heritage.

Further, while campaigning, Trump repeatedly promised to pretty much let the Heritage Foundation pick federal judges and Supreme Court justices for him. That's one promise he has not broken so far; his first Supreme Court nominee was at the top of Heritage's list.

The Foundation was a prominent player during the Reagan and two Bush administrations and strongly influenced White House policy and personnel during those years. Now, however, Heritage influence is much stronger during the Trump administration to the point where they've all but assumed control of policy for large portions of the federal government.

The Foundation is primarily funded by some of the most politically powerful and deeply conservative billionaires in America: the Koch family, the Coors, the Mercers, the Scaifes, the De Vos family, and more. While some of them individually are not particularly anti-LGBT, others are, and the Heritage Foundation certainly is very hostile to LGBT rights.

Bookending the piece I wrote here yesterday about how Trump is succeeding at building a plutocratic United States to benefit the ultra-rich, today's linked article gives us a glimpse of who is steering that policy via Heritage -- ultra-rich billionaires who want even bigger tax cuts for themselves, a weaker government subservient to their wishes, and an anti-progressive agenda.

Before running for President, Trump was never affiliated with Heritage types, but he obviously realized they were a means toward his end of self-enriching himself through the White House. He harnessed himself to their power, and now he's doing their bidding.

Along the way, most Americans will be worse off because of Heritage policies, but some of us may be hurt even more, particularly those of us in the LGBT community.

Jordan Tops and Bottoms

I looked on the various video websites and found two full-length videos featuring Jordan Levine, who appeared last week here on the blog in still shots. All the other ones I found were only two- and three-minute excerpt come-ons designed to sell full-length scenes.

He tops in both of the scenes below. I also found a third scene here where he bottoms for two studs but could not get that video to embed on the blog.

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28 March 2017


While Donald Trump is failing spectacularly at some of his major campaign promises -- repealing Obamacare, barring immigrants from certain countries, ending Washington business as usual, curbing corruption -- he is succeeding in one, less obvious way. He's working to make government smaller, weaker, and more easily manipulated by powerful special interests.

James Hohmann wrote an excellent piece about this topic yesterday in The Washington Post (link here).

This brings to mind arch conservative Grover Norquist's goals for the Republican Party: "I don't want to abolish government. I simply want to reduce it to the size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub." That's exactly what Trump is striving to do.

For lower and middle income people, minorities, women, immigrants, and LGBT Americans, they're left without a strong advocate when the government is weakened. That's what would happen with the absurdly titled "First Amendment Defense Act" -- LGBT Americans and their government would be powerless to prevent people from discriminating if they want to, under the excuse of "religious beliefs."

Whether or not Trump will ultimately succeed at this stealth goal remains to be seen. He may prove too corrupt to keep his eye on the ball or too inept to close the deal.

He promised to bring all Americans together and to represent all Americans after he was elected. What we see here, however, is that he's doing the exact opposite -- he's rigging the system so the wealthy and powerful have even more power, and the rest of us are left with even less than we had before.

This is not what Trump promised his supporters during the campaign. He promised to fight for the common man and woman.

But he's doing the exact opposite. He's trying to build a plutocracy, a country ruled by and for the wealthy. He lied during his campaign about this, of course, but that's to be expected -- he lied about nearly everything.

Closing the Deal

Tegan has had his eye on Jacen at a rival firm for the past several years. When the two have to negotiate a secret merger under the cover of a professional conference, Jacen suggests they adjourn to his hotel room for complete confidentiality.

That gives Tegan the idea to turn his fantasy into reality. He orders room service dinners and two bottles of wine. When he sees Jacen is sufficiently relaxed, he begins to massage his rival's shoulders. And then he slips his hand into the other man's trousers and squeezes his hardening cock.

"I was wondering when you'd finally make your move," Jacen whispers. "I thought for sure you had the urge to merge."

"Do I ever," Tegan growls in his ear.

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27 March 2017

The Triumph of Incompetence

After Republicans' humiliating failure to pass Donald Trump and Paul Ryan's healthcare measure in the House of Representatives last Friday, Nicholas Kristof wrote a withering op-ed in the New York Times (link here) about how this stillbirth happened in part because of the President, who is, as they say in Texas, all hat and no cattle.

Consider this excerpt: "The Trump administration is increasingly showing itself to be breathtakingly incompetent, and that’s the real lesson of the collapse of the G.O.P. health care bill. The administration proved unable to organize its way out of a paper bag."

The piece then indicts Trump on his gross incompetence, his incessant bragging with utterly no delivery, and his penchant for selecting absolute sleazebags to populate his administration.

It closes on a chilling note: "Trump may be the one least interested in government or policy; he’s absorbed simply with himself. And what we’re seeing more clearly now is that he has crafted an administration in his own image: vain, narcissistic and dangerous."

The Trump administration may turn out to be a good news/bad news situation. The good news is he could be inept and corrupt but not do any lasting damage because he'll be a historically weak President.

But the bad news is he may turn on easier targets when his ineptitude prevents him from accomplishing any of his major promises. And one of those targets may be the LGBT community.

Although he's incompetent with policy, one has to presume he'll try to run for re-election. To do so, he needs allies, and that's where he needs easy victories.

In order to appease hardcore conservatives and evangelicals to shore up his base, he could attack some of their favorite targets: abortion, religion in government, LGBT rights, minority rights, and more.

That's why we need to remain vigilant even if he turns out to be very weak and achieving nothing of substance. Because weak politicians are often the most dangerous and autocratic.

Here's Jonny

This lad allegedly is named Jonny and apparently has only ever done a few solo jerkoff shoots and that's it. I couldn't find his stats but did discover he's from Florida, in his twenties, and is an exotic dancer.

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26 March 2017

All the Lies

The Washington Post is now running an excellent interactive webpage that tracks all of Donald Trump's lies made to the public since his swearing in (link here). As of Thursday, the page has identified 317 major falsehoods in the roughly two months he's been President.

Each lie/distortion/falsehood is documented and sourced with fact-checking links to show you the truth. Many of Trump's supporters only listen to him and/or Trump-friendly media, so sadly they're willingly allowing themselves to be spoonfed deceptive and fraudulent propaganda.

If Trump manages to stay in office through a full term, based on the rate he's been dissembling so far, he will have told more than 7,600 lies at the end of four years.

Some of Trump's lies are nuanced so they can't be directly refuted by factcheckers and thus not include in the linked website. Take, for instance, his claim to be pro-LGBT. As this blog has extensively documented with his actions, appointments, and associations, he's surrounded by so many LGBT-haters, it's difficult to see how anyone could still believe he's pro-LGBT.

Sleazy Motel

This is pure pig sex with three versatile tops and a willing bottom. That room must have reeked of cum and sweat when they were finished.

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25 March 2017

Mister Fox

Yesterday, ThinkProgress published a disturbing article (link here) titled "Trump appoints leading opponent of LGBT civil rights to lead civil rights office."

Once again drawing from the far-right LGBT-hating Heritage Foundation, Donald Trump has appointed another virulent homophobe, Roger Severino, in a key policy position to head the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights. As ThinkProgress quips, "Hello Mr. Fox, I’d like you to look after this hen house for me."

As if realizing this appointment would underscore how Trump's pledge to support LGBT rights was bogus, the move was not publicized.

While at Heritage, Severino co-write a report criticizing civil rights rules that wouldn't let medical professionals discriminate against trans people -- he thought that doctors and nurses should be allowed to withhold life-saving medical care for a trans person because of "religious beliefs." He also wrote a law review article with the claim that "same-sex marriage threatens religious liberty."

In his new position, Severino can now dismantle existing protections for LGBT Americans and then enact protections for anti-LGBT haters.

I urge you to read the ThinkProgress piece. It's a real eye-opener.

Tex on Top

The big bloke here is Tex Davidson, who I believe always tops. For whatever reason, he often wears a ballcap in his scenes. I love how the eager bottom tries his best to swallow all of Tex's sizable meat.

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24 March 2017


Liberty University has announced that Donald Trump will speak at this year's commencement. Liberty is closely affiliated with far-right anti-LGBT politics and is headed by homophobe Jerry Falwell Jr., son of homophobe Jerry Falwell.

The institution has long been a lightening rod for controversy. Progressives are clearly not welcomed. Not long ago, for instance, the university revoked recognition of the College Democrats organization but not the College Republicans.

LGBT students, in particular, are not welcomed. More than ten years ago, the university banned all LGBT student groups.

Incoming students must sign a pledge not to engage in any same-sex activities or relations with any transgender person. Only "Biblically ordained marriage" between a man and woman is permitted for students.

Trump has long praised Liberty University. Given that he only pretends to be religious, one might conclude he's simply pandering, once more, to far-right conservative evangelicals.

He has spoken at Liberty before. He also offered the Education Secretary position to Falwell Jr., who declined.

So we're left wondering -- why is a man who claims he's pro-LGBT giving his first commencement as President to a stridently anti-LGBT institution?

A Nice Jewish Boy

I read somewhere that Jordan Levine uses his real name in porn and that he was raised in a traditional Jewish family in New York. He's also gay for pay in porn.

I'm one of those lads who doesn't really buy the "gay for pay" label. You don't spend a good part of your life getting hard and fucking other lads on camera if you're straight. You're almost certainly bi. Truly straight men don't fuck other lads.

But that's neither here nor there. Levine may have come from a very conventional background, but he's not a conventional pornstar. He obviously keeps in shape, stands six foot tall, and weighs in at 205 pounds.

He's been featured twice before on this blog -- links here and here. Both posts have photo sets that can still be downloaded.

The collection today features three different Jordan shoots -- one a solo series he did a few years back plus two new ones where he's topping other lads. The originals for the photos are much larger than seen below and total nearly a hundred in number. They can be downloaded in a free zipped folder here.

23 March 2017

A Voice of Reason

Retired US Senator Alan Simpson wrote a thoughtful and well reasoned op-ed in yesterday's New York Times (link here) with the title "How a Trump Turnabout on Gay Rights Hurts Republicans."

In the piece, Simpson begs the President not to sign his pending executive order that would allow government workers to discriminate legally against LGBTs, women, and other minorities on "religious grounds."

I find no fault with Simpon's arguments.

The problem I have with this piece is this: even if Trump does not sign this executive order, he has promised to sign the deceptively titled "First Amendment Defense Act" (FADA), which would allow business and their employees to discriminate legally against LGBTs, women, and other minorities on "religious grounds."

So while arguably it is good news that LGBT Americans would not face discrimination in veterans hospitals or national parks, every place else outside government property could be open season.

You might visit a national park, for instance, but service stations could refuse to allow you to use their bathrooms when you fueled up on your way to the national park. Hotels, motels, and restaurants could also refuse to serve you on your journey.

The federal government integrated government services and opportunities in the 1950s, but that was not enough because a wide swath of American businesses refused service to minorities and people of color. Only when the Supreme Court struck down discriminatory state laws nationwide to all people of color achieve equality.

A nation that allows some discrimination with separate but unequal treatment is not a free society. It's all or nothing at all.