24 March 2017

A Nice Jewish Boy

I read somewhere that Jordan Levine uses his real name in porn and that he was raised in a traditional Jewish family in New York. He's also gay for pay in porn.

I'm one of those lads who doesn't really buy the "gay for pay" label. You don't spend a good part of your life getting hard and fucking other lads on camera if you're straight. You're almost certainly bi. Truly straight men don't fuck other lads.

But that's neither here nor there. Levine may have come from a very conventional background, but he's not a conventional pornstar. He obviously keeps in shape, stands six foot tall, and weighs in at 205 pounds.

He's been featured twice before on this blog -- links here and here. Both posts have photo sets that can still be downloaded.

The collection today features three different Jordan shoots -- one a solo series he did a few years back plus two new ones where he's topping other lads. The originals for the photos are much larger than seen below and total nearly a hundred in number. They can be downloaded in a free zipped folder here.

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  1. Anonymous23:54

    Whether or not Jordan is gay and the fact that he is actually appearing in porn - gay or straight - ISN'T what's truly shocking here! If Jordan truly does come from a "traditional Jewish family" in New York, his parents are actually MOST UPSET about something else: the tattoos!!! There is a long-standing tradition in Jewish culture that anyone (except of course people who were in Nazi concentration camps) that has a tattoo CANNOT be buried in a Jewish cemetery. All his other faux pas can be excused these days, but no rabbi who inspects the body of deceased Jews before burial will approve of him being buried in a Jewish cemetery!!! Mom and dad must be having heart attacks on a daily basis!!!!


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