09 March 2017

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

During his campaign for the presidency, Donald Trump repeatedly promised he would be the voice of ordinary Americans if elected. He promised to be the champion of the working class.

That obviously struck a chord, because his supporters were primarily made up of people without a college education and people who worked in service and manual labor jobs. You could see it at his rallies.

Indeed, once he was elected, the pro-Trump media crowed about how bedrock Americans would benefit during his presidency. "Trump victory is a win for the little guy over the elite," proclaimed a pro-Trump op-ed in the New York Post (link here).

The Post columnist seemed almost breathless with excitement: "The factory workers, the veterans, the cops, the kitchen help, people who plow the fields, make the trains run, pick up the trash and keep the country together and keep it moving — they are all now winners."

What a gigantic load of steaming horse shit.

The predatory Trump has a long, long history of promising to help ordinary people when what he actually does is helping himself while knifing those ordinary people in the back. Vox ran an article in November about how Trump fraudulently promised to help ordinary folks with his Trump University and then lied that he wouldn't make any money doing so (link here).

Flash forward after all the dust has settled and the proof is painfully clear: tens of thousands of veterans and senior citizens were cheated out of their savings while Trump paid himself millions from their "tuition" and gave them nothing in return but broken promises (link here).

Now that Trump has been in office almost seven weeks, it's also painfully clear the factory workers and kitchen help that the Post promised would be helped are, instead, feeling the Trump administration's boot on their necks and its hand in their wallets.

The New Republic published an excellent piece on Tuesday with the title: "Trump Has Sold Out His Voters for Corporate America" (link here). The subtitle makes clear what the piece will prove: "The president's early policies benefit corporations and the rich at the expense of everyday Americans."

And prove it does. The article provides a concise, clear indictment of how ordinary people are being shafted and repeatedly by policies designed to help CEOs, big investors, Wall Street, and billionaires.

I urge you to read the piece to see how badly people are being treated by Trump's White House and how much it is costing all of us.

Once again, Trump's behavior makes it painfully clear -- he cannot be trusted. Nearly everything he says is a lie.

Including the lie that his administration is pro-LGBT.


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