09 March 2017

Mister Longhair

This lad is allegedly named Ali, but that's the only information about him released by the producer's website. Are we supposed to think that he's from the Middle East?

Perhaps he is. He is circumcised, as are most men in the Middle East, because both Judaism and Islam require it. His long hair gives him a messianic look.

Ali does not appear terribly tall nor does he weigh a massive amount, but he obviously keeps in very good shape. I like that he hasn't razored off his beautiful body fur and pubes.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and total about six dozen in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, be sure to click here.

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  1. Anonymous04:33

    Adorable peludo.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta


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