22 March 2017

Anatomy of a Lie

On November 16, 2016, shortly after he was elected, in response to press reports, Donald Trump flatly stated "I am not trying to get 'top level security clearance' for my children. This was a typically false news story" (source here).

This was standard Trump behavior -- not only to deny that a story was correct but also insisting it was "fake news," something he has repeatedly decried as coming from a vast "secret state" cabal out to get him, of which the media is a part.

Flash forward four months. Yesterday, the White House confirmed that Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump, will receive a top-level security clearance (source here), notwithstanding her father's insistence this would not happen.

The Ivanka security clearance matter shows Trump either blithely lies with no concern about later being exposed as a liar or that he blithely makes promises and then later breaks then without a second thought.

Either way, it proves why he can never be trusted and that his promises to LGBT Americans are less than worthless.

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