25 March 2017

Mister Fox

Yesterday, ThinkProgress published a disturbing article (link here) titled "Trump appoints leading opponent of LGBT civil rights to lead civil rights office."

Once again drawing from the far-right LGBT-hating Heritage Foundation, Donald Trump has appointed another virulent homophobe, Roger Severino, in a key policy position to head the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights. As ThinkProgress quips, "Hello Mr. Fox, I’d like you to look after this hen house for me."

As if realizing this appointment would underscore how Trump's pledge to support LGBT rights was bogus, the move was not publicized.

While at Heritage, Severino co-write a report criticizing civil rights rules that wouldn't let medical professionals discriminate against trans people -- he thought that doctors and nurses should be allowed to withhold life-saving medical care for a trans person because of "religious beliefs." He also wrote a law review article with the claim that "same-sex marriage threatens religious liberty."

In his new position, Severino can now dismantle existing protections for LGBT Americans and then enact protections for anti-LGBT haters.

I urge you to read the ThinkProgress piece. It's a real eye-opener.

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