11 March 2017


Greg Sargent wrote a good piece at The Washington Post yesterday with the fulsome headline "Yes, Trump scammed many of his working-class supporters. This new analysis leaves little doubt" (link here).

The piece nicely documents about how Donald Trump completely changed his tune on healthcare after the election.

When he was campaigning, his supporters thought they would still be covered under his healthcare plan. The reality, however, is not only will they not be covered, the proposed Trumpcare law would treat them worse than other groups of Americans.

So rather than a helping hand from Trump, he'll now kick them in the teeth.

The article links also includes some bullet items at the end. One of them had me shaking my head.

Remember when Trump promised during the campaign that lobbyists would have no place in his White House if elected? That, of course, turned out to be a joke.

Get this: the lobbyist for the billionaire Koch family has been meeting personally with Trump to discuss ways to cut health benefits even further.

So remind us again, after Trump has broken so many promises already in his first fifty days in office, why we should still believe his claims that his administration will be pro-LGBT?


  1. Anonymous03:20

    Todo esto me da una jartera.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. I'm always «amazed», or more chocked when I see you, Americans, having such issues with universal healthcare and also LGBT human rights and more.

    Your country had put men on the moon, is spending «gazillions of $$$» on your arm forces and more. How come you cannot afford to make your own citizens safe with their health and secure the citizen rights of ALL your fellows.

    Canada isn't as rich or populated as USA and we can rely on a good healthcare system for many years now and our minorities and LGBT population are protected with our «Canadian Liberty and Rights Chart» since the Trudeau era in the 60s.

    When you claim to be the «first democratic nation on Earth», it seems that you're a bit blinded by your egocentric ways.

    Sweeden, Danmark, to name only those, like Canada are treating in a better way our population and make everyone equal citizens no matter the richness, religion, sex, race etc.

    USA is a country of contradictions and too much oriented on «selfish» people who are looking for their own benefits.

    The American Dream is becoming a real nightmare for those who are not wealthy or healthy.


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