04 March 2017

More Writing on the Wall

I somehow missed a very disturbing article early this week in The Advocate with the title "Anti-LGBT 'Religious Freedom' Order Still Coming, Says Trump Transition Aide" (link here).

The piece begins: "Donald Trump’s “religious freedom” executive order — actually a license to discriminate against LGBT people and others — is still very much alive and on its way, according to a member of Trump’s transition team."

This pretty clearly sounds like Trump is trying to implement the harshly anti-LGBT "First Amendment Defense Act" (FADA) before Congress even sends him such a bill to sign.

The way the proposal is described in the article, it actually sounds like it might be more harsh than the FADA itself. Both measures would allow anyone to discriminate openly against any LGBT person on "religious grounds."

Accordingly, yesterday the American Civil Liberties Union filed four freedom of information demands for various proposed documents from the Trump administration (details here) before any such plans are put into effect.

While I wouldn't be surprised if the Trump administration simply ignores these by claiming executive privilege, it's a good way for the ACLU to put the White House on the defensive and to focus press attention on this critically important issue.

It also makes me hopeful that whenever the Trump White House finally acts on this, the ACLU probably will immediately proceed to a federal court and file for an emergency order to block their efforts from taking effect.

Stay tuned.


  1. Anonymous04:01

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  2. OMG!
    Your struggles aren't done yet.

    As long as «religion» is part of civile administration on every levels, USA will remain in a «cha-cha» dance in regard of any RIGHTS for all sort of citizens.

    Watching another episode of «When We Rise» (the 90s and 20s) it was about the fights to recognize the urge to do something about the AIDS epidemic.

    Reagan, Bush and even Clinton at the beginning weren't open to help those who were dying be thousands.
    RELIGION was behind to stop the research for any cure and even were putting in front that it was a «gay desease» and a way to get rid of gay people.
    It looked like the extermination of the Jews in Germany with Hitler.

    Will «Trumpty Dumpty» be tempted to put apart and try to minimize the LGBT civil rights?
    According of what he's trying to do to Mexicans and Muslims, it wouldn't be surprising and more because he has the approval of many «d├ęplorables» and his majority in Congress and Senate.

    God bless USA in the dark years to come.


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