31 March 2010

Leo and Roman

I've read that Leo, the second bloke to enter this scene, the one in the gray pullover, tried repeatedly to break into porn but kept getting rejected. Finally, someone gave him a chance. Now, of course, he's one of the biggest names in the industry. I have to wonder what kind of collective insanity gripped the porn biz that they didn't snap him up immediately.

30 March 2010

Candy Is Dandy

I found both these fantastic amateur images on the terrific blog Daventry Blue.

I like the dichotomy these two present -- their faces are more innocent then their ripped muscular torsos. They're posing for their cameras in the mirror like insecure teenagers, not quite sure if they look all right, yet their bodies are pure prime studflesh made for hard rough sex.

I wonder what would happen if the two met?

29 March 2010

Bobby's Back

I featured Bobby last year and thought I'd bring him back with some new shots. Hopefully he'll brighten your Monday. The last shot is somehow not a nude in the modeling world, I guess, because you can't see all of his cock. The industry seems to avoid full-on frontal nudes, but I like it when artists wiggle around this nonsense.

28 March 2010

Jack Redux

Given all the positive comments about Jon-Erik aka Jack after the recent post, I thought I'd put up another set of this true god. These look like stills from a promotional shoot made sometime during his all-too-brief acting career. The camera just loved this bloke. The images are much larger than they appear below, so be sure to click on them to see them full-sized.

27 March 2010

Crime and Punishment

Continuing the recent video theme -- parole violation, then arrest, then interrogation -- today we get a hot glimpse of what goes down during incarceration.

26 March 2010


I recently discovered the fantastic eponymous blog Admire, where each entry is arranged pictorially around a specific theme. The images appearing below are part of the "blue" gallery, with each stud image including the color blue. Definitely check it out.

25 March 2010

Xylophone Abs

David is a top fitness model from Los Angeles who has been on the cover of both Muscle and Fitness and Men's Workout magazines. He's 29, 6'1", and 195 pounds. He has what I call xylophone abs -- they're so defined and hard, you could play a tune on them.

24 March 2010

Interrogation Room

These big blokes can violate my Sixth Amendment rights anytime they want. I'll happily confess to anything as long as I get this kind of interrogation.

23 March 2010

A Night to Remember?

Professionally produced porn can't tell a story like a random amateur shot.

My libidinous mind wonders if these blokes got half pissed before they decided to strip off their clothes and swim naked. Were they alone or were other friends, male or female, in attendance? Did liquor break down their inhibitions so they didn't fear touching each other whilst naked, or were they already intimate and comfortable with their nudity?

Did the one realize the other had a fantastic ass in addition to a killer body? Was that admiration reciprocated? Did that arm around the shoulder wander elsewhere on that body, down the hard broad shoulders? The tight abdomen? Across the perfect pillows of his buttocks?

There is an untold story in this picture, and I can only imagine what it was. Unfortunately, this arrived in a dump of random stud images from a Yahoo group, so their true story almost certainly will never be known. Hopefully it's as hot as some of the ones I've been imagining. Do they remember that night fondly or was it never mentioned again?

22 March 2010

Big Matt Is Back

I've featured 6'5" Matt here four times before. This true god of masculinity is back today; all but the last image below is new and featuring his shorter gladiator hair and scruffy beard. The last one is a little older, but I included it because this is a much higher quality one than I've seen before.

All of these images can be enlarged by clicking on them, but the last one is much bigger in more ways than one.

21 March 2010


The face is innocent, but the body is built for sin. The model's name is Sasha, and the photographer is Andrei Vishnyakov, whose fantastic work I've featured here quite a few times before.

20 March 2010

Three's Company

This quickly brought my testosterone to full attention and hopefully yours will, too.

19 March 2010


Jon-Erik Hexum was an American actor who died tragically because of a freak prank in 1984 a few weeks before he turned 27.

When I was fifteen, I realized I was not straight because of him. I had a huge crush on "Jack," as he was known to friends, helped in part because he appeared in the rather homoerotic television series Voyagers! which featured a handsome, often bare-chested time-traveler who befriended an awkward, bookish teenage boy. He also played the male lead in the campy TV movie Making of a Male Model with Joan Collins and was starring in the action-adventure series Cover Up at the time of his death.

I've met a few people who knew him, and they all said he was an incredibly sweet, warm bloke. He was straight but very gay friendly. I often wonder if my weakness for blue-eyed men is because of him.

I think the fifth picture below is the best of the lot. That's what he must've looked like after particularly intense sex. These are all large images and not widely found on the Internet, so be sure to click to see them full-sized.

18 March 2010


Writers and artists often speak of the creative chain, where one idea, element, image, or something similar will spark a sort of developing sequence in the brain. In simpler terms, sometimes a picture or sentence will cause a reaction in the creative brain, something like an old Polaroid developing all at once.

This picture did that for me when I spotted it on the fantastic blog The Slab. A story began germinating in my head about a shy bloke from a cold city in the winter -- the pale one in the picture -- who takes a business trip to a more exotic, warmer, sun-drenched city where he's seduced before he knows what's happening by a cool, tanned, self-assured stud with a mysterious past.

Rather than audit the company he was supposed to be visiting and helpless with his sudden new infatuation, the shy lad allows himself to be wooed and deflowered whilst lounging around the confident stud's house and pool. His new amour suddenly disappears one morning and, although the home office is cluttering up his cell with increasingly panicked messages, the shy bloke sets off in search of the man who stole his heart. Will he find he's been duped and used as a patsy in a complex criminal scheme or that his one true love really is in danger? And what will the shy lad tell his wife back home?

It's Death in Venice meets Thelma and Louise meets The Usual Suspects. If only we could pitch gay projects at the studios with a hope that they would buy them. Will that day ever come?

17 March 2010


These officers can bust me any time they want. I'll even supply the handcuffs.

16 March 2010


Steve Regis was a popular pornstud in the early 1990s. In many online mentions of him, he is recalled as a genuinely warm, friendly, and caring person. He died far too young from a heart condition in 2001 at the age of only 46.

15 March 2010

All Grown Up

Alan was one of those interchangeable "twinks" when he modeled in his twenties. Now that he's all grown up and in his thirties, he's a lad no more and all man. I know some prefer the "pretty boy" types, but I favor the more masculine type like him.