31 January 2017

A Hateful Order

LGBTQ Nation reported yesterday (link here) that Donald Trump will soon sign an executive order allowing widespread anti-LGBT discrimination. The order is expected to permit discrimination in employment, social services, business, and more.

As the article states, "the order is expected to come in the packaging of so-called 'religious freedom,' which argues that someone’s religious beliefs should be enough to prevent them from having to provide goods and services to members of the LGBT community if doing so would conflict with said beliefs."

The piece details what would result: federally funded adoption agencies may discriminate against LGBT parents, elimination of non-discrimination protections so federal employees and contractors may be fired because of their sexual orientation, allowing federal employees to refuse to serve same-sex marriage partners, and much more.

So, for instance, if you wanted to visit a national park with your lover, a religious chief ranger could kick you out and say you weren't allowed in because you're not a heterosexual, thanks to Trump's order protecting hateful bigots.

Trump's action was originally expected as early as this week, but apparently has been delayed for unknown reasons.

I'm left wondering how long LGBT Trump supporters will continue to insist that the new President is pro-LGBT rights? How much handwriting on the wall do you need to see?


This is Matt, who has been featured here a number of times before. In fact, he was featured in the very first post on this blog.

I recently came into possession of a large Matt photo collection totaling more than two hundred professional shots, so he's back today in celebration.

Matt has done competitive bodybuilding and lives in Tennessee; otherwise, not much information is available about him and what he does for a living. He's now in his early forties, stands 6'5, and weighs in at 275 pounds.

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30 January 2017

The Bulldozer

The web magazine Axios published an interesting article yesterday titled "The Trump bulldozer" (link here).

This sentence excerpt is of particular interest: "White House officials tell us they welcome what seem like needless distractions, because it allows them to jam through transformative, disruptive ideas and orders without focused public scrutiny of any particular item."

Pundits and wonks have been engaging in a months-long debate about whether Donald Trump and his campaign (and now administration) are a barely controlled clusterfuck or a devious Trojan Horse designed from the get-go to confuse, distract, and disorient people while they get away with wholesale political destruction of the American ideal.

Knowing the real answer, at this point in time, is impossible unless you're literally inside the Oval Office. The crux of this question is simple -- is Trump the Andrew Dice Clay of politics or a vain puppet being exploited by more sinister forces?

Take the past few days, for instance. The reprehensible seven-country ban is shockingly appalling, but was that designed to distract attention from something potentially much more dangerous? What's the latter, you ask?

It's this: The media gave far less coverage to a virtual coup within the White House itself (link here): Steven Bannon, the far-right propagandist, now has a permanent seat at the highest level of the National Security Council, while both the Director of National Intelligence and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have been demoted.

This is a shocking development -- seasoned military and national security experts are being pushed aside to make way for a political flack with zero national security experience and a very troubling history of racism and antisemitism.

The unanswered question is why did this happen. It's deeply troubling at the same time as it's deeply mystifying.

So what does this mean for LGBT issues? It's difficult to tell at this point, but here's a theory: at some point in the future, an outlandish action could be taken against LGBT Americans to distract attention from something even more sinister.

Trump is expected to name his Supreme Court choice this week. Will some other distraction happen concurrently by design to deflect attention away from his high court nominee? We'll just have to wait and see.

Party Animal

This big beefy lad looks like the friendly party animal in college who drank outrageous amounts of beer yet still looked terrific because he worked out like a fiend. The bloke shown here, allegedly named Nicholas, is said to be a straight ex-Marine. He only ever did a few shoots, so perhaps this was true.

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29 January 2017

Flashback to 1922

I am aware of the dangers of Reductio ad Hitlerum. Roughly translated, it means to invalidate someone by comparing him to Hitler.

Many comparisons are made between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler. As someone who has read a great deal of history, I can say such comparisons are usually off the mark. Trump almost certainly will not be another Hitler nor anywhere near as bad.

But that's not to say he won't be dictatorial or authoritarian. He may turn out more like Benito Mussolini or some lesser nationalistic thug who held office.

If you have any concern about civil liberties and human rights, you have to agree that Trump's first week in office was a disquieting blemish on American history. A dark shadow is spreading across the United States.

Trump loves to demonize and he did that again this past week by attacking, amongst others, legal immigrants from certain countries as well as undocumented immigrants. If you're Hispanic or from one of his "banned" countries (which I am not), I have to imagine you found this past week to be particularly troubling. Nonetheless, I'm an immigrant, too, as is my boyfriend.

I happened on a 1922 New York Times article (link here) describing how a particular nationalistic populist used divisive rhetoric simply to whip up people and further his own political agenda. In short, he used hate to whip people up, but hate wasn't his ultimate goal.

While Trump is no Hitler, it's particularly disturbing that he's using some of the same practices -- practices which almost no respectable Republican or Democrat has ever used in this country.

We are living in a time where the greatest threat we face in this country may not be other nations or peoples, but the occupant in the White House.

Box Room Romance

This scene proves you don't need elaborate setups or props for a hot porn video. Here the legendary and monster hung Lito Cruz tops an eager bottom on some old boxes in a storage room. Sadly, Lito has retired from porn.

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28 January 2017

Run for Something

It's all well and good to lament about how bad things will get under Donald Trump. He's only been in office a week and has already repeatedly demonstrated how he's craven, corrupt, and incompetent.

So do something about it. Speak out. Speak up. Speak often.

And maybe run for office.

The Hill ran an article on Friday (link here) about how a new group called Run for Something has already signed up 1,200 millennials to run for political office.

Run for Something is urging people to run on the issues (link here), including pro-LGBT equality. It's not too late to sign up.

How about you?

In the Mood for Landon

As the title says, I was in the mood for some hot Landon Conrad therapy. Here he tops hot bearded Marcus Isaacs. I just wish Landon had spunked all over that bushy beard at the end. I have a real thing for messy beard cumshots.

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27 January 2017

Retreating to the Past

Salon published an article on Wednesday with the title: "The Orwellian nightmare of LGBT rights under Trump: How the new Department of Justice may promote discrimination" (link here).

While the title may be a bit histrionic, the thesis is clear: Donald Trump is nominating people with backgrounds totally at odds with the mission of the job they've been tapped to fill.

Basically, the foxes are appointed to guard the henhouses.

His choice for the key position at the Justice Department's Office of Civil Rights actually has a history of fighting against civil rights. And, of course, civil rights include LGBT rights.

“We’re going to have a Department of Justice that will not be doing justice,” said an official with Lambda Legal, the advocacy group for LGBT rights.

As a result, the Trump Justice Department will much like it was during the Reagan and Bush administrations, when civil rights were given an extremely low priority. During the Obama years, the Justice Department was a strong advocate for LGBT rights, but no more.

With Jeffrey Sessions the likely new Attorney General -- the same man who opposed same-sex marriage, LGBT job protections, and repealing "don’t ask, don’t tell" -- LGBT Americans no longer have an advocate in the Justice Department. And if FADA becomes law, the Justice Department will actually be protecting businesses and organizations that discriminate against LGBT Americans.

So, as the end of the day, it doesn't matter that Trump held an upside-down rainbow flag for a few seconds. His administration is ready to shaft LGBT Americans for much longer than a few seconds.

The Honeymoon

This is a romantic and erotic photo set that's very nicely done. Will and Jimmy look like they could be on their honeymoon in the Hamptons.

The scene starts with romantic kissy-face on the beach, and then it segues into the house for some hot and heavy action. They suck and fuck in the shower, in the living room, in the bedroom, and more.

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26 January 2017

Department of Obliteration

On Monday I wrote about how webpages with information about LGBT rights, civil rights, health care, and climate change were removed from the White House website by the new Trump administration (link here).

Now The Advocate is reporting (link here) how webpages on LGBT issues have disappeared from both the Department of State and Department of Labor webpages.

Arguably the most painful removal was the erasure of the information and apology pages about the so-called Lavender Scare on the State Department website.

The Lavender Scare occurred from the later 1940s into the 1950s when gay and lesbian foreign service employees were outed and fired from the State Department. Some were even prosecuted and imprisoned.

And who was one of the primary gay persecutors during the Lavender Scare? None other than Donald Trump's good friend and mentor Roy Cohn, who I wrote about last Friday (link here).

During the campaign, some Trump supporters said he would be great for LGBT rights. Based on what we've seen so far, they were either lying or hopelessly naive. The new Trump administration has not done one thing to advance LGBT rights beyond what President Obama did, although there's been some significant reversals since last Friday.

Hugo the Huge

In the words of Joan Rivers, "can we talk?" Hugo was not hired for porn because of his pleasant but average face or because of his decent but not ripped body. He was hired because of his huge cock.

This appears to be the first time he's ever done porn, but the site where he debuted is hinting he'll be back as a top. That's good news. I want to see him stuff that whopper into a tight virgin ass.

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25 January 2017

The 17 Percent

A regular reader alerted me to a very interesting article in The New York Times from November (link here) about how rural American voters have vastly more political power than urban and suburban voters because both the Electoral College and the US Senate makeup heavily favors rural states with small populations.

For instance, the combined population of both North Dakota and South Dakota is only about 4 percent of California, yet North/South Dakota have twice as many senators.

As a result, 17 percent of the country can effectively push the Senate majority over to conservative Republicans. As well, the sparse rural states can give the White House to the Republican popular vote loser, as happened in two out of the three last Presidential elections.

What does this mean for LGBT Americans? Conservative rural values, which do not represent the majority of this country, dominate politics and force Americans to live under a religious code which most Americans don't support. A majority of Americans support LGBT rights and same sex marriage. However, their voices and votes are silenced by the rural, conservative religious minority.

LGBT Americans essentially are subject to the tyranny of a reactionary minority, a practice which is both decidedly un-democratic and decidedly un-American.

And it's only going to get worse during the next four years.

Palm Springs Ginger

This hot threeway is the final scene in the feature-length porn film A Rising Star. The hot ginger is Blu Kennedy, who has sadly retired from porn. The two cafe au lait lads are Joe Strong and Marcos David, both who have also retired.

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24 January 2017

The Power Behind the Throne?

Rolling Stone magazine just published a very interesting profile of the new Vice President, Michael Pence (link here), and the man seems positively creepy. Grossest detail: he calls his wife "mother."

The meat of the article, however, is how Pence all but advocates turning America into a Catholic theocracy. Part of this agenda, of course, is satisfying his extremist anti-LGBT beliefs.

As I documented here previously, it's well known that when offering the Vice President slot to the current governor of Ohio (who declined), Donald Trump promised he would be the most powerful veep in history and in charge of domestic and foreign policy. One has to wonder if the same sweeping offer was extended to Pence.

Given one of the first actions Trump took today was an attack on birth control, and Pence stood hovering right behind him with a beaming smile, you almost get the sense the veep was the one who chose what would get done on the first day in the Oval Office.

As the linked article details, Pence has repeatedly made war on LGBT rights. If he indeed is the true power behind Trump's empty throne, than no amount of upside-down rainbow flag waving will protect LGBT Americans from the dark days to come.


This lad is very nicely built and has a beautiful larger-than-average uncut cock. Unfortunately, I could not find any stats for him because he's using a very common porn name. His face looks familiar, as if he's done work under another name, but I think that about half the blokes I feature on this blog.

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23 January 2017

Department of Obfuscation

Almost immediately after Donald Trump was sworn into office on Friday, all mentions of LGBT rights, civil rights, health care, and climate change were erased from the official White House webpage (more details here).

Apparently LGBT and other civil rights no longer matter, but the updated White House webpage does plug Melania Trump's jewelry line.

The new Trump administration continues its war on truth, as was seen over the weekend when both the new chief executive (link here) and his spokesperson (link here) lied repeatedly when claiming the recent inauguration crowd was the largest ever. It was barely a tenth the size of President Obama's first swearing in and was also dwarfed by the massive anti-Trump rallies on Saturday. In response to continued ridicule directed at him over his lies, Trump threatened the media would "pay a big price" (link here) for telling the truth about him.

Remember when Donald Trump promised to release all his tax returns as soon as an audit was completed? Turns out that was another lie. Yesterday, his spokesperson said his tax returns will never be released (link here). Never.

So do people still believe Donald Trump will be good for LGBT rights because he briefly held an upside down rainbow flag on the campaign trail?


I would say this lad looks more cute than hot. He has a nice body but isn't really ripped, more like blokes found in the real world and not porn. His uncut cock grows into a nicely sized boner.

His face looks familiar like he's done porn under another name, but I couldn't find any cross references on the various porn indexes. "Blake" has to be one of the most common male porn names.

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